Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Okay so day 1 on Wellbutrin 75mg..
I took at 6am this morning, I got dressed and didn't take vitamins or workout, I wanted to feel this properly.
I started to dress my daughter and sucked my teeth at my husband who was sound asleep.
He knows how bad I was during the Lexapro, you'd think he would wake up and make an effort, support me..
I go pee and when I come back, he groggily gets out of bed.
"How do you feel?" he asks.
I feel good.
"I'll take the baby to school, just relax and take it easy today."
He's being very nice today.
So yes, no depression, no sadness, no hunger even.
All I've had today is coffee and a pack of packaged crackers. I tried to eat a banana and could only manage a few bites, the thing had no taste.
I'm okay so far, been cleaning all day, getting rid of everything that no longer fits me in my wardrobe, purging any clutter. Time to do this now that I feel good and full of pep.
Haven't worked out yet, I don't think I will today.
I'm still a bit anxious, maybe as the days go by so will the feeling.
So Jen, you said I would like it and so far yes!
I have my Itunes open, full blast all My Qlimax Playlist, nothing but hardcore and trance blasting in this house, feels like my mood.
I don't wanna b/p, not even craving. I feel great that Mia is silenced. I hope this is the pill for me.
Tomorrow is my daughter's last day of school, then she starts Summer Camp on Monday.
So I'm off, have more cleaning to do.
Anyone else on Wellbutrin out there?
Was wondering if I can take vitamins with this? I forgot to ask dr.
Well bye guys, take care and wish me luck..


Dani said...

im glad that its working much better of ru and u sound happier and better yya for that

Mich said...

I'm glad the wellbutrin is working out for you so far! And definitely good to purge the clutter instead of other things. :D I should follow your example...

Sometimes I think Hubby needs a good kick in the pants.


Almost.Skinny said...

YAY! :) I'm so glad its going well! I hope this continues and you feel like the wonderful woman you are xxx

Lacey said...

Cymbalta is my crazy pill of choice. That and xanax.

Anonymous said...

I've never taken Wellbutrin before, but my mom was on it for a while and lost about 15 pounds...
Focalin's what I take, prescription-wise, it's an ADHD drug and basically makes me want to do everything but eat and sleep, it's fantastic (:
Glad it's working out for you doll, you deserve to be happy.

coffeeXandXcigarettes said...

I was on Wellbutrin and a lot of foods seemed to taste dull. I did quit smoking without trying, with not effects on it. It semi helped with everything and eventually they put me on Lexapro with it, which was fine. Other than food being weird for a while, I'm not sure if I just got used to it or it got better. I didn't take vitamins with it but I remember the doctor saying it was fine to take just about any medication with it

Peridot (G+P) said...

Fucking AY! :D I hope the good times continue :D :D :D :D :D (A bazillion smiley faces, but I'm too lazy to type them all)

Geeze, the ball'n'chain is a tosser. OMGOMGOMFG Belinda's douchbag husband FINALLY got his lazy ass around to filing the divorce papers! :D Sooooo happy for her! Her hubby makes yours look fucking tame, that's how evil this cunt was. Like comparing Bush and Hitler. EVIL and SUPER EVIL. Yikes. Blargh, had to share the good news with someone who'd understand the glee.

There are several handy clocktowers, but I'd be more likely to try leaping off than shooting people in tunics&jeggings. (Damn that last one is tempting!) Gubns are too hard to get in this country. You can get some pretty savage cuts from frozen flounder, though. Hmmmm.

I'll see what I can do about getting you a massage. I dunno if the men of steel do massages, though.