Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guinea Pig Fridays


Peridot (G+P) said...

About 14mins in. . . I love that song! Who is the artist?

*Hugs back*

Awww no, poor Miss B, poor kitty. I hope he comes home soon!

You'll be pushing 112 coz you can't shit! Nom some soluble fiber drinks, drink a boatload of water and coffee and it should come on out. Ugh, that is one side effect I'm glad Citalopram doesn't have!

I hope the 50:50 method works. It sounds like it's making you PMS for an hour a day. SERIOUSLY not cool!

I talked to a mate who lectures in the theatre department and she said I can get a pass based on internal marks with a med certificate if i'm very very lucky. Now I just need to pass the other 2 really really well. Gonna go unleash hell at the doc on Monday morning.

Love you, hope you have a good Sunday <3

Mich said...

That's kind of messed up that they sat there and passed your license around and talked about your weight loss in front of you. And in the HOSPITAL of all places. Idk, even if it's in a complimentary way, that's just one of those things that I don't think you should talk about at length, especially with a stranger.

Wellbutrin-rage is actually pretty common. I knew a few guys who used to take it, but once they started getting like crazy angry they stopped taking it. Hope it works better for you, or at least they give you something better.

That's such bs that nurses "can't" tell you your test results. >:(
Ugh that's why I hate blood tests. Once they start joking about me having no veins I want to punch them. And last time the b*tch nurse made a crack about my "track marks," and I was like LISTEN LADY, YOU GAVE ME THOSE TRACK MARKS the last bunch of times I was here for blood tests.
(I should probably never take wellbutrin. :D)

It definitely sounds like you need more something for anxiety than depressions. Maybe ask your doc about that, try and get something like adavan or xanax? They're good because you only take them when you feel anxious, rather than like one at the same time every day.

Protein shakes are a good way to go. <3

I started taking a magnesium supplement a while back and it seems to help with keeping "regular."

Hope everything goes ok with the blood tests.

Give Miss B a hug from me!