Monday, January 16, 2012

You love me, you really love me!

I've won an award?!
Thank you to the amazing Peridot for bestowing this award to me..
I love you to pieces my little Kiwi Fruit.

So now I'm suppose to tell you all 7 things that make my life lovely and pass this along to five other wonderful Bloggers..
Here we go.

1.) My daughter Lil Miss B.
I never knew Motherhood could be so fun and rewarding, this kid keeps me alive in more ways than I can describe to you all. (psst God thanks again)

2.) Rainy days.
I don't know what is it about the cloudy overcast, and the smell of it but like Shirley Manson sung.."I'm only Happy when it Rains."

3.) My cats.
Yes those little hairy bastards make the day bearable.

4.) Babies.
Yes the mere sight of little newborns automatically makes me smile and get's that dumb clock ticking.. *shh!* quiet down Uterus, we'll bag us a Trophy Plastic Surgeon husband soon enough!

5.) Candy.
Candy is dandy, the one thing I eat and never worry about.
Mmmm high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and coloring *drools on keyboard*

6.) Making someone smile or laugh.
If I can do this everyday to any particular person, then it's a lovely day.

7.) Getting sweet emails or texts in the morning from the people you care about.
Who doesn't want to be someones first thought in the A.M?

Yeah that was harder than I thought lol.
So thanks once again and now to pass this along to five others.
 Krystal, Rae, Jenn, Dani, Skinny El
So ladies what makes your life lovely?


Mich said...

There truly are few things as pleasurable as extremely artificially flavoured candy. :D

A lot of artificial flavours are manufactured in New Jersey. There's this one spot on the NJ Turnpike where you drive past loads of factories and it looks like a total industrial wasteland, but then you get whiffs of fake-fruity-candy and random patches of McDonald's smells.....

It's coolest driving past there in a thunderstorm, because they have like a million lightning rods all over to make sure the lightning doesn't hit the actual factories and power stations and stuff.

Peridot (G+P) said...

Rofl, Jim Carey is a GOD! One of the best actors of all time! Dad used to dress as The Mask for every Halloween, he has the yellow suit and everything!

Candy and Rainy Days are the best. Nothing better than a random lolly ay work to cheer you up or sitting on the porch listening to the rain fall and the bellbirds sing.

Hmmm maybe I should pop out a squishy little human just to give you a smile? It would shut everyone else up and then the docs would be more willing to give me my hysterectomy! (Bloody stingy gits!)

Love and cat-hair-covered hugs <3