Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hey Ma look at me I puke!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day, Lou! Hugs all-around. I definitely know the feeling. Though honestly I wish I weren't just nomming and doing some vomming, too... as sad as that is. Ugh! Damn the cyclical nature of this!

You can beat it, I know you can! One day does not defeat all the progress you've made. I'm sorry you're hubster is a tool about the money, too, that never helps when one is already feeling triggered. Hang in there, you're a tough cookie, pardon the pun.

"Little by little, one walks far." - Peruvian Proverb (It gets me through the day, hope it helps you, too.)

Anonymous said...

PS: Good luck with your "super-gay" haircut! haha :) Good night!

Peridot (G+P) said...

What do you mean, Saturday? It's 0045 on Monday Morning!! (I'm naughty, bite me!)

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I hope you can pry Mia's fishy flaps off your face before Monday rolls around and you write off the week D: Was it the hubby-induced binge that started it?

YAY SLEEP!! :D *Is jealous*

PLEASE tell me what this music is! I want to work out to it :(

Wow, you really managed to get a bunch of shit out of him at the stupormarket! Faaaaaaaaaaaaark!

What is the nutritional profile of almonds? Maybe there is something they are high in that your body is low in?

Speaking of chucking up organs, the only person EVER to survive exposure to Ebola was a doctor taking a patient's temperature when the poor sod puked his lungs into said doctor's face. The guy didn't panic, he went and got washed off and sanitized and never caught Ebola despite copping a faceful of infected lungs! 0.0

Don't binge: PAINT!! PaintpaintpaintpaintpaintpaintPAINT!!

0.0 I'm surprised he DID give you money, but not surprised he shorted you. NOT a man of his word. OMG yes siphon his gas! XD

*Sharpens sword* Don't even THINK of spending that money on locking yourself in the Bulimia Bubble. I'll fly over there, pop it and kick your scrawny ass. Take your pennies, put them in a jar and go down Little Havana and buy that pretty necklace. (I've watched that video too much)

Lol, who gives a shit about what people think? Fuck YES embarrass his ass! Can I come point and laugh at him?

The capcha is 'proto'. Maybe that should be 'Protego' as a defense against more binges. (Another after work today. FML) My mission: No-Binge may

EmptyShell said...

I would also really like to know what this music is, if possible. It really does make you want to do stuff.