Thursday, March 15, 2012

Calle Ocho

Okay so this is me playing catch up since I've been a bad Blogger this week..

Sunday was Calle Ocho, Miami's biggest block party.
It's a celebration of all Cultures from different countries. It's free to get in and great to experience.
There is that taboo F word everywhere you look, no not Fuck, I meant FOOD..(yikes)
Beer, Beer, and more Beer every at every turn.
You can B.Y.O.B (bring your own booze) as long as it's in an aluminum can or plastic cup, no glass bottles allowed on account that they may become flying projectiles in a drunken stupor or that they can fall and break on the ground, and the whole festival in nothing but foot traffic. If they catch you inebriated out your gourd or carrying a glass bottle you get a ticket.
My brother was the first person who called me as I was up early getting my daughter's overnight bag and my own stuff ready.
Parking for Calle Ocho is expensive, but luckily I live two blocks away from the thing so parking was not my issue, my brother and niece both had spaces in front of my apartment complex.
My brother arrives with his wife and they are ready. I'm not, plus my niece sent me a text explaining that she would be an hour late, seems like the time change has screwed everyone up.
My brother shows me two giant water bottles and I immediately know it's some kind of liquor, well Rum apparently, they are ready to party.
"What are you wearing?" my brother asks. He's overly protective of me.
I show him my "booty" shorts..aka little cut off shorts that show everything when you bend over.
My brother tells me he'll put his foot up my ass if I walk out the house like that lol.
He goes to my closet and picks out something else for me to wear. I nod my head and agree to wear it.
When he leaves I toss the said items back in the closet where they belong, pfft he didn't think it be that easy did he?
My niece finally arrives an hour later and she gets to see my new apartment, she loves it. She's happy that I've moved.
She and I are in the same boat I'm afraid, we've both just ended things with our baby daddy's and are now unemployed and living off child support till we can find us some jobs.
She's also currently romantically challenged as am I *sighs*
We get going and it's nice out, the streets are full of people and there are so many sights and smells.
My brother is a little bit ahead of us, he's on a different avenue getting freebies and my niece and I are wandering around catching up. My daughter and her son have their own conversation going in the background.
At some point in the festival I get my ass pinched, I turn around appalled but it was actually someone I knew. Yup remember the Ex of mines who wasn't really an Ex cus he was married that I ran into last month, well that was him trying to be funny, he always had a thing for my ass ugh.
My niece recognized him immediately.
"Here comes trouble" she whispers to me.
He makes small talk with me before his wife and kids are headed in our direction. Our convo is cut short and he tells me goodbye and says he'll message me on FaceBook.
"You're not going to see him are you?" my niece asks.
No, been there done that. I'm tired of guys who are complicated, just be with the woman you're in love with and that's it. Why cheat or why try to start something with another person if you're all tangled up with someone else. Just handle your shit and grow up.

After the festival my niece stays over for awhile and so does my brother, we all catch up and laugh,
 I think that's the most I've laughed in a month.


Anonymous said...

Me again...this is the second time I've commented but been reading since post one...again, you are one of the most strong and courageous women I know! You inspire me and I just want you to know that. It's amazing how you can feel so close and relate so much to someone that you have never met...we're so much alike in so many ways. The block party looks like so much fun...I miss living in a big city sometimes. Lil Miss B is gonna be a heartbreaker one day...she's beautiful! I hope you're having a good day and that things are looking up for you! :)