Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cut it out

My ex drops my daughter off today.
He is in a rush and dressed for work. He doesn't want to make eye contact with me and is shoving my daughter rather quickly in my vicinity.
My daughter's face is solemn and I'm curious as to what I'm looking at.
My husband cut her hair.
What the fuck is this?
"I had to cut her hair, it was in her eyes like a shaggy dog and she couldn't see." he says very nonchalant.

I lose my cool and cuss him out in front of everyone within hearing distance.
I tell him to get the fuck off my property and never come back here again.
I wish I could tell you I was over reacting to all of this but he actually cut her hair himself.
All of her bangs which I was letting grow out for the sole purpose of getting a proper hairdo over the summer is now gone to shit.
He cut them all off.
Her bangs resemble a mustache comb on her forehead.
My daughter is sad and now seeing my reaction starts to cry and apologize to me as if the thing were her fault instead of that numb skull I used to be married to.
I did my best to calm her down, I made her a strawberry milkshake and reassured her it would grow back and then we could fix it.
We have a lot of homework and test prep to do. I sat her at the desk and logged her in online so she could practice reading and math.

I feel so bad for her.
I can't even slick the thing back with hair gel or cover it up with a headband.
Why did he do this?
Was this a spite thing.
I won't call him at all, he will have to call me and explain further what on earth possessed him to do this. Was he drunk when he did this?
I don't know how he can make this up to me, but it will involve a lot of money and ass kissing.
He had no right, he didn't even ask my permission.
Every time I think about it I get pissed all over again.
I worry now that she will get picked at for having a bad haircut.

The worst part about all of this is that I actually ate something today right before she came home.
This all triggered me and I had an actual panic attack. I wanted so badly to keep something down but in the end I didn't.
I can't do anything right.
I've just binged on laxatives too. This morning and now are polar opposites. I went from being okay with my weight to now hating the thing. I feel fat.

Oh, I found out my daughter's grade today on her Science project, she got a B.
Why a B and not an A? *sighs*
Because her teacher is an asshole.

So today was a total bust.
I want to be alone now, I'm in a really bad mood and don't feel like talking to anyone.
I have a long  night ahead of me.


désespérée de maigrir said...

I'm so so so sorry that your husband did that. How disrespectful to you and inconsiderate for your daughter to just go ahead and DIY something like that :( I hope your daughter isn't teased at school. And that sucks about her science project too! From the photos, you really worked so hard on it, and I don't know why the teacher didn't think it met her criteria.

I really hope you don't have a terrible night, even though me saying that won't really help. I guess the only thing that is good is that tomorrow is a different day. Hopefully your husband will just stay out of everyone's way and business for a few days so you can have some peace. As for her hair, you're right that is will grow back (take it from me, who also has too short bangs as a result of last week's hair cut) and I'm sure she still looks adorable. Maybe one of those wide, fabric headbands might cover them if she's worried?

Sorry today sucked :( I'll say a prayer for you.

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass...just keep repeating that to yourself. I hate that that inconsiderate slob's stupidity bled over onto your daughter in the form of such a bonehead move. The only thing you can do now is damage control by reassuring Lil Miss that she is gorgeous no matter what and trying out different headbands and such to cover it until it grows back. The good news is, it's hair and it will grow back...hopefully pretty quickly. They have those head band wrap things at the dollar stores that kind of look like scarfs that would probably work...and they're super cute...might want to give it a try. Just a thought. Hang in're strong and you can do this! Just keep swimming! ;)

Peridot (G+P) said...


As a sneaky surprise present for her in the box I'm putting together for you two, do you think she would prefer:
a) A ridiculous clown wig
b) Bright knitted beanie
c) Knitted headband-thingie that is in fashion down here (So it was probably in fashion up your way about two years ago and is about to make the rounds again)
(If b or c, what are her favourite colours?)
She shouldn't have to suffer for his twattishness!

Take care, lots of love to you!