Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 13

13 days no bp.
1 more day and I will officially make two weeks.
I had a fiber bar this morning, didn't have enough time for coffee, I was running late to see the manager for CVS.
After walking 10 blocks in the heat, I arrive at the CVS parking lot where I quickly changed my flip flops into heels and wore a black blazer over my white tee and blue jeans.
Going against my sister's wishes I wanted to be more casual, she insisted I go all out, but I explained to her I'd already had my initial interview, this was all just specifics.

I meet the Manager in his little office tucked away in the side of the store and he's all smiles.
My application is looked up and I pass all the boring screening questions, he tells me my schedule is fine, I get weekends off and I work mornings, perfect.
We make a joke or two and it eases the tension.
I'm given the consent form to the Drug test. I have to make an appointment and then I can start work as soon as next week.

I get home sweaty and tired.
In the shower, I start thinking ahead about what it would be like to work, I get anxious.
I'm nervous, it's been a long time since I've last been in the workplace, I'm also thinking about my performance, this will be an entirely new line of work for me, I don't want to screw this up.

Baking always helps calm my nerves, so that's what I start to do.
I make a brownie infused with chocolate chip cookies concoction whilst I wait for my boyfriend to arrive.

Once he's here I calm down some as I have someone to share my fears with.
He makes my appointment for the lab, the next available is Monday.
The Manager wants me to give him a ring on Saturday.

The lab is 4 miles away. I have to walk this.

I had a piece of Chicken today and a lil serving of brown rice, not a lot mind you but enough.
I felt full immediately and triggered to go purge.
Instead I lay on the couch and caught Big Brother. The feeling passes and I feel better. I kept it down and I'm okay.

My sister's birthday was today, I wish I could be celebrating with her. Hope I get to see her before Summer ends.

My daughter comes home tomorrow afternoon. I miss her a lot.

My friend is being sent back to Ip. I feel bad for her, but there's nothing I can do for her, we all have to help ourselves get better.

To my new friend Jess, I love this unexpected friendship we've formed and wished you lived closer.
We'll talk real soon, I have to figure out a way with the long distance and all.

So that's it for now, I'm going to unwind with the boyfriend, hope you all are well.
Here's hoping for another day bp free.



Ayden said...

Congrats on Day 13 =]
You'll make it to 2 weeks, I know it!!
All the walking is good for you, despite the heat, it'll help make it so that the lack of purging doesn't affect your weight so much.
Keep it up, girly!!

Jenn said...

I'm so fucking proud of you and happy for you I can barely contain it. I love you girl!!!

Peridot (G+P) said...

Amazing day! Congratulations!

You'll be ok at work. Just remember to take deep breaths and remember the over to the Hitchiker's Guide ;)

(And Earth is "Mostly Harmless" after all!)

I hope you have a good weekend. Take care <3