Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fill you in Friday


Jess said...

Hey Lou . Good to hear you crapped all the bad shit out- literally with out laxitives but also holding onto toxic poop can make you really sick and depressed . You asked for some advice about what else works . Well the pear juice thing works - that's what I used to give the old People in the nursing home . In australia you can buy it in tins and is really cheap . Prunes , coffee but because you have shakes I think you should get some physillium . A couple of tea spoons in the shake is all it takes . It's natural too . Looks sort of like wheat germ . I'm day 5 now . It feels good except I have been eating a lot I just can't get to a certain fullness cause that's my trigger . Glad all is well . Take care and keep going . You can do it - you deserve it ��