Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week long Holiday

Today makes one complete week that I've been Bulimia free.
It feels like a vacation of sorts, today I'm really happy. I feel accomplished, I think I have a chance to beat this.
I feel bad for one of my friends who's having an incredibly hard time right now fighting her own battle against Mia, my thoughts and prayers go out to her.
I know it's hard to stop but sometimes you just have to, you have to fight, be your own biggest supporter, no one can get better for you, no one can change but you.

My next goal would be to complete a month. I'm also trying to find safer ways to help get my bowels going. Laxatives are still another obstacle that I have to overcome.
I can do this, it just takes the mindset and the willingness to do so.
I don't know what I can take or eat to help me, the eating part is still hard for me to pull off. Right now I'm sticking to a lot of liquids and foods I know will not upset my stomach too much. It's hard to find things I deem safe. This is all still new to me.

This morning I wake up and weigh, I'm in shock that my weight hasn't gone up after eating a full plate of food and even dessert yesterday.
This gives me hope that eating or even restricting can be possible. I'm in a good mood.

Today my boyfriend and I decide it's a good day to take the kids to the park. It's hot outside but the kids are all excited.
The park is a good distraction from Ed, he's been quiet all day and that's just how I like it.

Big Brother is off the chain today. It's one shocker after another.
I and the rest of America voted to let the Coaches back in the game and of course I'm Team Janelle all the way. She's considered one of the best players of the series but hasn't won yet, maybe this will be her year.

I'm calling CVS next week to follow up about the job, I got some news on it today. I think I may start working soon.

Tomorrow day 8, let's see how it goes.
Wish me luck.


Jess said...

So glad to hear you had a great day . With your bowels - pear juice , it works a treat . My therapist convinced me to throw my laxatives away . I feel better for it but it was my security blanket . Hopefully we can chat soon . Let me know when and I can give you a buzz . Will be a bit of a spin out . And saying prayers you find a job soon . Lou your finding you , welcome her cause she is amazing . Xxx

Peridot (G+P) said...

One week! Go Lou! Go Lou! Go Lou! You're awesome!

You've done a week. You know a week is do-able. You know that you can do a week, then a week, then a week, then HOLY CARP, CATMAN it's been how many weeks?

Sending love to your friend. She is worth beating Mia. Most very definitely.

After a life of sluggish digestion my go-to regular pooping food (Omg that sounds so bad, I'm sorry!) is to make porridge (You say Oatmeal?) with water and put in 1tsp of dessicated coconut for extra fibre (And extremely gentle laxitive effect) and ground cinnamon for sweetness and sometimes 25g of raisins for extra fibre and potassium and just plain NOM. Nothing better on a freezing winter morning than porridge with nice soft squishy raisins in it! If you put in the coconut you'll need to add more water because it soaks up a lot.

Sending you lots of luck-wishings for the Job and kicking Ed in te face <3

Anonymous said...

I am old, and started taking fish oil pills for my heart. I realized the pleasant side effect was great regularity! I also eat Activia- once a day. Sometimes add a bowl of raisin bran with skim milk. I had to quit the fish pills because of surgery last month and really could tell the difference. You can take up to three 1000mg gels a day and you will be pleased. Not sure the caloric value, but it's worth it.

Moonlight Mistress said...

They sure are taking their sweet time in hiring you. I hate that!! lol


ruby-tuesday said...

Really well done Lou, I am made up for you.
It is no easy feat breaking free from bulimias clutches.
It gives me hope that if you can do this then maybe so can I.
I am away at the moment with family and there have been lots of long and lazy lunches and dinners.
Thank God Italy has toilets with good flushes.

Wishing you lots of love x

Ayden said...

You're doing so well!!!
Congratulations on making it a week!
I'm so glad that you are in a better mindset now about your recovery.
white grape juice, a ton of it, will get things going. prunes also work.
But if you want to do a calorie free flush, there are teas that you can get that help to move things along. Like I know there's smooth move tea, and I'm sure there are others, just look for senna root in the ingredients. It's got a laxative effect that's natural, not chemical.

Keep up the amazing work, love!!
And send my love to your friend. She can beat this!!