Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Lou was made for walking

CVS is a success?
I called early this morning for a follow up, tomorrow at 1pm I head over there and fill out forms and consents to drug and background checks.
I'm happy a little but still weary.

Afterwards I have to walk to Child Support, it is oh so far away and boy is it hot outside.
I drink coffee and have a fiber bar, I'm anxious but full of meds.
Day 12 is here and it's okay. I had a very triggering conversation earlier with someone, it's stupid really and I should know better by now but whatever I'm over it. I can't get sucked into nonsense anymore or I'll just make myself sicker.
I will make a month, I don't care what I gotta do.

Despite that I have things to do that only I can, so umbrella in tow off I go!
Off on my merry way, these feet of mines can tell you tales, I've got sole.

 Goodnight all, early to bed for me. I've got high hopes for tomorrow.
Day 13, a Monkey's birthday, my sweet love visits and possible employment?
There's never too much of good thing.


Peridot (G+P) said...

*Crosses fingers*

*Crosses toes*

*Crosses arms and legs and eyes*

Too much?

Those sunshiny photos are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with us <3

Ellie Belle said...

I am so excited that I can finally (after over a year) leave comments!

You should be so very proud of yourself. 12 days is not at all an easy thing to accomplish and your strength is inspiring.

I will send happy thoughts your way for the CVS job. I know that everything will turn out wonderful. Have a great day with your love.

Ayden said...

Congrats on reaching day 12!!! That's SO awesome!!!
Where do you live?? Those pictures are gorgeous!
Sleep well, darling =]