Friday, February 4, 2011



Just a quick little hello before the fever starts up again.
I've been contaminated with my husband's flu.
Ugh feel so awful and I'm running a fever. No appetite which is good but I have a ton of important errands to run so I can't stay in bed. I just want to get everything done today. I really hope this not eating sick spell lasts. God I don't wanna b/p today!
I can't, can't can't!
You have no idea how bad yesterday was, so bad I couldn't even blog.
I'll hopefully have some strength to do a vlog this weekend, I may look frightening I'm afraid, I am a hott mess.
Too much Mia and binging and period, and now flu.
Calgon take me away!
On a happier note I've sent out some goodies to Small and Dylphe..
Hope you girls enjoy. I've used the United States Post Office, have no idea how long it will take to get to you girls, I haven't set foot in a post office in some years, I haven't even bought stamps in like six years?
Okay I'm off to shower, have to drive now and get these important errands done so hopefully I can rest all weekend.
Have a safe and happy Friday all.


Mich said...

Hope you feel better, hun!

unbeautiful said...

Feel better!

Smallasapanda said...

Hope you get better soon. I'm in the same boat as you, completely sick!

It's the worst when you can't actually stay in bed all day.