Saturday, April 9, 2011


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Here is "Shakey Tours" the video I made earlier. Me as a very lousy Tour Guide lol.
Keep up the good fight, I know it's hard believe me, Mia is not easy to overcome, but never stop trying. Everyday is a battle and sometimes we falter and fail, it's okay, pick yourself up again and start over.
You're not alone!
Best of luck to us all and big hugs and kisses to everyone who never gives up on themselves..

Have a Great Saturday and please stay strong and safe..


Peridot (G+P) said...

Thank you so much for the mini-tour of Miami! I really want to go to the USA now, lol. I want to steal Miles' camera and make a little tour of my various 'hoods' around dunners XD

Dunedin is so very tiny, though. Things are so very far apart for the size of the town. Maybe I could take a camera up the Pineapple Track one day.

Lol, I understood all the 'Hola'-ing going on thanks to Pia. I need to learn more Spanish to freak out tourists.

If you do chew'n'spit, triple-bag your spittoon. I've had a few gross accidents resulting in chocolate stains on the landord's carpet :x

I hope you had a good Sunday. Mine sucked balls. 0020 on Monday morning now, so a new week has begun. Timt to undo the damage -.-; On the bright side, not enough money for a really calorically damaging binge means I can get some canvases to post you on payday! :D