Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Vlogs..yes more videos!

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Have a great Friday all-muah!


Peridot (G+P) said...

Vlog te tahi:
I find that its the bright reds that make me feel like I should be standing on a corner of Manchester St flagging down passing cars or clocking in to Stilettos XD If you wanna learn to pole dance my friend runs a studio and can do private lessons :p

I like those mantras, Imma use some of them. See how I can shoe-horn them into my WRAP. Lol, my instant fill-in-the-blank for #3 was "Survive", after that "Not kill the customers". . . ^.^;

What your therapist said sounded very similar to one of my favourite quotes from one of Marya's books. It was "No matter how short you cut your hair or how skinny you get, it's still you underneath". Very sage, and something a lot of people seem to forget!

Lol, honey you haven't SEEN binge drinking until you've been to Studentville on a weekend. Kiwis have made social drinking binges into an artform. Its disgusting! I'm surprised there hasn't been a humanitarian aid mission sent to NZ to save our livers!!

Vlog te rua:
I'm definitely gonna have to hunt the drugstore (Stupidly up-market one) and health pill shops for Emergen-C. They look amazing!

Try putting cinnamon or nutmeg in your oatmeal to make it sweeter :) I throw in half a little box of raisins (10grams?) for potassium and something nummy to chew on. Shit, I've probably said that before. Ignore me! D:

Poor puppy. He finally caught his car, even if he got the wrong end. I hope it was swift, now he sleeps in peace.

I can't believe they're playing the ads on a channel that will traumatize the kids and put a whole lot of stress on families. Can you make a complaint to your version of the Broadcasting Standards Authority about it? We have the 'Save the dancing bears' ads, those CCF ads and some pretty damn graphic anti drink-driving ones and anti-careless-driving ones. I laugh myself silly at one of the anti drink-driving ones. You can pinpoint the moment his mind snaps.

Fucking doritos and easter displays are being binge-triggers at work every time I walk past them. I'm dreaming of bingeing just so i can get a good nights sleep D: I just got back under 60kg ffs!! Not cool.

Ooooohhhhhhh, I wanna send Miss.B. some Classic Kiwi picture books and English translations of Maori legends to read to you ^.^ *Ish tempted*

Do you have the ANTM episode where they came to NZ? Lol, Tyra made a really bad impression on Queenstown, I can tell you!

Sleep well, and enjoy the high <3

Anonymous said...

hey hun, thanks for the comment, gave me some comfort in the fact that i'm not alone.
i've written down the list of good advice, it sounds hard... but i'm going to give it a go.
i watched half of Shakey Tours on YouTube, it brought a smile to my face this morning, i really enjoyed it. i couldn't watch anymore though because my internet is so effing slow right now >=[.
i've subscribed, i'm lirad89.
you've gone for so long without b/ping you should be really proud. so today i'm going to attempt to steer clear of bulimia, wish me luck.