Sunday, April 17, 2011



Mademoiselle said...

Hey girl! Your blog is amazing! I'll bw following it from now now to get some inspirations and strenght! :)

Also, I too have a blog! If you'd like to support me too please follow

lots of love! keep strong!


AKA 'Krystal' said...

hun - i have the headache too! i was doing so well today - i only had less than 35 cals then suddenly found myself eating mms and animal crackers and mushrooms (those were with a salad) and now u know what has to happen... ugh... didnt make zumba - head was pounding so bad it was making me sick physically and i couldnt stand - hence triggering the mia i think... i got one of my assignment done - but im not turning to alcohol tonight - i cant even if i do want too... tomorrow will be my new day 1 - i hope u can stay strong, be online tonight and feel better!

AKA 'Krystal' said...

u know i have my 3 babies and they r boys. i worry every second that they will develop an ed. i get even more concerned when the other night my 11yr old said he drinks water because it doesnt make him obese! why do the schools have to push this! they make those of us having to deal with our own and then scare our kids - it just makes life so hard... i know exactly what u mean about slightly restricting...i have finally come to the conclusion that the children WILL stop if the ar allowed what and when they want or need to eat... so the grapes - dont worry! i leave grapes, apples, plums bananas, pears etc out on the table sons will snag a grape or 2 as they want and then they stop... they know not to overdo it... i think ur daughter will do the same - if she starts getting out of hand - change it up... put baby carrots, broccoli etc on the table and if se needs t snack or have something right now - she will choose what is out... i know it is hard but we have to do it to make it better for them and make it work... this is what i am doing as hard as it is - it does work... my oldest son even eats only his small meals everyday and his 2 snacks he stops at about 100cals... they know because they have not beenforced or restricted i have tried to let them develop and grow without stigmatizing them with my labels and my disorders... hugs to u hun and i would say good luck - bu health has NOTHING to do with luck!

Peridot (G+P) said...

Comment in 3 parts!

Video 1.
OH. MY. GOD! BOOK FAIRE!!!!! :D *Dies of bibliophilic joy overload*

Ugh, Mig won't wake me up in the morning coz he thinks I look cute when I'm asleep. Silly bastard, lol!

0.0 Things I most want to say to parents like DingDong when they come through the supermarket are:
1) Silence is golden, duct tape is silver
2) Gag the child before I do it for you.
3) Are the kids' legs painted on??

OMG your daughter is AWESOME!! E-Vil *Makes pinky-to-mouth gesture, stroking Dralion* XD DingDong=PWNED!

B/P Lou = SCARY. DingDong also needs to wake the fuck UP and get a clue!

Cunt is controlling you with the money thing. Its a way of forcing you to stay with him, and having you dependent on him in some way. It isn't good, isn't healthy at all. Mrs.Gobacks' husband does that, and I wanna deck the cunt. I'm inexpressibly furious with DingDong over doing this to you.

Video 2.

I go ages without buying meat too. Its just so far out of mu budget most of the time I've learned to live without it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my dead animals, but I pretty much eat vegetarian by necessity :(

You got my opinion of doctors telling small spawns to lose weight already :p I do actual sugar, since I can't afford Stevia right now. I won't go near the chemically altered sugars. Fats curable, cancer ain't. Good on you for trying to give the healthy foods :) Lol, I used to have to sneak veges into my cooking when I lives with The Boy. I could hide 5 veges in a mince dish with only 2 visible ^.^

Yup, EDs ARE addictions. Food is a drug. *High fives* So much respect for you for giving up the drugs when you found out you were pregnant. Not many here have the will power to even stop SMOKING for the sake of their kids! I wish Mum had the restraint with pot that you do!

Our schools run the gamut from thin to obese, although it has been trending towards more fatter kids since playstation took the place of nerf guns :(

It might be appetite responding to a growth spurt, or it might be attempted seduction by ED, I don't know. Lol, I don't have kids so I can't say!

Peridot (G+P) said...

Video 3.
Oi wheres that link you promised? I don't wanna keep watching this back-to-front-Tshirt blonde! XD Lol, you know I'm addicted to your Vlogs ^.^

Between your cake and the donuts on FB I'm craving Ko's Donuts from couplands soooooo badly. There may be a C&S this week :(

I don't know about EDs, but I was oblivious to my Mum's pot habit and Dad's probable alcoholism until after High School. My brothers were aware of the pot, I wasn't. Mum's eating habits influence me even now, I always serve Mig more at dinner coz Mum always served herself less than everyone else. I'm starting to suspect now she had (Has?) and ED.

Can you hide it from her? Will Mia let you limit b/p times to school hours? I only ever remember seeing Mum eat one meal a day, which was dinner. Breakfast was black tea and cigarettes.

110 is FUCKING FINE. 120 is underweight for me! Listen to the OK days, ignore the warped, ignore the mirror unless you're doing makeup.

*Massive hugs*

WTF? It's not a diet? It's an obsession, an addiction.

They leave treatment until the last possible minute, so they HAVE to force you to gain or you'll die.

DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING KILL YOURSELF OR START SI. Your purpose IS to be a mother, and a friend, and a sister, and an artistauthorbloggvlogger.

I honestly don't know how to tell people. The Boy didn't know what he drove me to. Miles doesn't know, none of my friends do.

When you're ready, you'll find someone to share your life with, until then: heal and be yourself.

BTW: TOO FUCKING LATE, you're my mate. You've made my life so much better in the short time you've been in it. Depressed thinking can go fuck itself.

The disorder makes us think shitty awful things, it is a part of how it changes your personality. I think as long as you can still recognize that these ARE horrible things to be thinking, you're still a decent person.

Shit, it starts out a a cute stray that morphs into a fucking CERBERUS/HYDRA HYBRID that RIPS YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!! If foods make you sick, DON'T FUCKING EAT THEM!!

OMG Lou! Has your ass reached the 'deflated balloon' stage? D:

PANTY SHOT!!!! XD Panchira!

Give that person a link to the Medusa post about the chick who died mid-purge from gastric rupture. Seriously unpretty way to die. Its why I never started purging by vomming and have developed less conventional methods to expunge the calories.

Holy crap, I'm sorry for the essay! Ok, time to end the Epic Comment Of Doom!

Arohanui, Lou!