Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Friday Vlog Spectacular.. BOGO free!

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Have a great Friday guys..


Peridot (G+P) said...

I've only had time to watch the first two so far. . .

You can tell your therapist you've inspired me to be more open about my Depression in blog posts, and to hell with what Jaq etc may think!

Just gotta keep remembering that the ones who fuck off weren't worth wasting the time on in the first place, no matter how much the separation hurts. "You are who you hang with", and I'd rather be an understanding, accepting person than some willfully ignorant, inflexible tosspot!

Cheers for the inspiration and reminder.


Anonymous said...

"All the cute single ones are never around"-I hear you there! Every guy I find attrative is taken my a girl much more skinnier and better looking :/. Omg that April fool's joke Betty pulled was hilarious! That's great you really like your therapist and are comfortable talking to her :). That was funny, "I bet it's a cheap Honda accord." Yay for the 12days without b/p! Every day makes a difference :)

Anonymous said...

great april fools joke, it really made me laugh. congratulations on 12 days b/p-free, this is fantastic. can you give me some advice? i can't seem to get it together.
take care.X