Friday, April 15, 2011

B/p and Failed blind dates


Jenn said...

HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OMG I just peed my pants. I'm from Oregon. Can I eat your pussy?

Peridot (G+P) said...

I'm taking a well-deserved study break to watch this and comment :) Gotsta find me 2 more books on Bushido and Samurai movies. HALP!!

Mia's got her fishy flaps glued pretty well to you :( SUCKY!!!

OMG MOOD SHEET!!! I want one :( I fucking HATE the chemical crutch and what it does to my body. I love the sound fo your therapist, can you high five her from me for making you feel happy?

Hells YES! if you alwayd have the reigns the hubby won't learn to do shit/deal with kid dramas and will learn to rely on YOU to do shit all the time!

Lol FaceBook stalking is perfectly justified in the search for Male Mates ;) Yeah if theres no physical or personality chemistry there things ain't gonna happen. E-V-E-R!

OI SLEEZEBAG!! Can't you take a fucking hint? Geeze this guy is TRAGIC!! XD Didn't he think he'd be busted at some point for the lies?

*Dies laughing* Were his tits bigger than yours? I won't date a guy who can nick my bras :p

WTF? Did he think you were a WebCam girl or something?? OMG NONONONO HE DIDN'T!!!


XD I loved your reaction. The whole glasses twitch and everything, I nearly wet myself laughing.

So, he acts his dick size? 3? (Centimeters, darling. Centimeters)

What a colossal RETARD. That guy is the epitome of tragic. He is like a Hindenburg that puts a match to itself. Douche canooooooooe!

*Hugs* Make the Van Gough choice: Paint, not food!

I hope I get a diagnosis that FITS, lol.

NUUUUUUUUUUU! You did WHAT?? You're fucking MENTAL!! What is it that we don't have over here? (Besides fucking EVERYTHING, lol!) You're too nice to me, seriously! You'll get me thinking that EVERYONE is as wonderful as you are and I'll be horribly disappointed when they turn into assholes :p

Thank you so much for the laugh at Tosspot McPindick's expense. If he gives you any more trouble just let me know, ok? :)

Have a good Saturday, TRY to stay safe, Mia's an abusive whorebag.


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha "gerkin" size penis!
So sorry it was a bad match at least you got him off your chest.
I luv your vlogs, you're so beautiful and funny!

Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Lou! Please realize that you disease makes you EXTREMELY self-centered. Ok, I know you already know that. You said it yourself.

I'm starting to think that your husband may be depressed because of his betrayal and feelings of hopelessness. That may account for this ridiculous sleeping. So while you lay your soul bare, while I tear up at how much pain you suffer, please remember your generous heart. Please remember you wretched husband's pain and weaknesses. Please remember that although your struggle is excruciating, you may be stronger than he.

I restrict, drink wine and jog twice per day incessantly. I'm hard on hubby and often blame him, but deep down I know that our demise is most definitely partially my fault. He speaks of suicide when I try to leave. And a part of me has come to realize that we are both very troubled. Finally I realized that I may be stronger than he is...Despite my ED.

Lou, you are a beautiful woman. Your words, your passion, and your zeal for recovery have convinced me that you will prevail over mia eventually. But this man will crumble without your love. Even if that love is platonic.

I'm rooting for you Lou. You'll get employment and take care of your beautiful daughter. Your marriage is over. Clearly. You will never again have a relationship with a man you don't trust. This makes me so proud of you! I loved the fact that you articulated how different it is when it's just you and the little one. Keep working toward that.

Finally, you, my dear inspire me. Because of you I'm eating healthier. I now express my feelings instead of bottling everything inside then exploding. I still exercise like crazy, but I made sure that I eat.

You have no idea of your positive impact. You are strong. Beautiful, sexy and nurturing. No bullshit!

Your Face book pal