Thursday, April 14, 2011



I will never get this weight off!
I Hate my body!
How am I suppose to enjoy a visit with anyone looking like this, pool?



mags said...

No no no Lou. Don't fret so hard! You look good! And think about it--look at how far you've come also. You've done great. You'll be fine, and you'll get plenty of lookers at the pool, I swear <3

Mich said...

You're lookin' pretty hot to me. ;D

I love your bedding. <3

Jenn said...

You're getting there Babe! Don't be too hard on yourself.

Peridot (G+P) said...

If he isn't into guys he's gonna be too busy drooling to worry about any mummy-tummy you may have! (My mother is a boy-figured woman who birthed 3 spawns and still has a mum-tum. 'Tis all good, just makes you hotter to those in the know)

Don't you DARE fuck off early to B/P! Get a fucking tan and burn some cals in the pool. YOU HEAR ME?? D:< NOBODY here has backyard pools, so I'm COMMANDING you to doggy-paddle a lap for me! Rub it in the hubby's face that your human interactions do not begin and end with him.

I can't wait for Tuesday. Bibliographies are due MONDAY so Imma get on the piss Monday night to celebraaaaaaaaaaaaate! :D Maybe vlog to. Drunken Vlogging and youtube rage. Mmmmm!

Posted your canvas today. I made an ASS of myself in the postshop buying a bubblewrap bag that was too small and having to go back for a box >.< They said the usual 4-10 working days, so late next week or week after you'll be able to express yourself all over canvas instead of porcelain *Hugs*

I'm sending you good vibes and luck wishings and hopes that the B/P slows down over the weekend. Whose the fucker who took the handbrake off the juggernaut?


Moonlight Mistress said...

I know just how you feel. I have friends coming over today and I'm scared they are going to notice how fucking fat I've become.