Monday, April 18, 2011

That was yesterday..


Last night was brutal, yesterday was all together.
Been b/p non stop, my head throbbed from dehydration and low potassium.
Nothing deterred me from the ritual not even the lack of food or appetite.
I'm on auto pilot, start binging before 9am and don't stop till after 10pm.
I think secretly I just don't care anymore.
I feel like I'm tired of caring.
I woke up to this...

108.8 lbs

Maybe the universe is throwing me a much needed bone.
I can't believe how low some people would go, stealing laundry c'mon!
My poor daughter's uniforms..
My husband and I actually did something out of character, we took the high road and didn't attack each other, I had a cigarette and my husband had a beer, we sat outside on the balcony and quietly discussed tomorrow.
The clothing is replaceable and that's that. No need to dwell on what's taken.
Tragic and uncalled for but we can walk away and still find ourselves better.
This morning we head out to buy more uniforms, my daughter is sent to school in her P.E uniform, it's okay.
I'm no longer in a crap mood, I feel better, I have coffee and water.
I feel okay and hopeful again.
The time in the street is great, haven't been home to b/p.
I have chicken defrosting in my kitchen sink, tonight's dinner is Fried chicken and potato salad, mac and cheese too.
A speaker from a local Recycling Plant came to my daughter's school today; Earth Day is soon upon us and this new little generation needs to be informed how to help.
My daughter was the only kid in class who participated with glee on everything concerning Mother Earth, she answered all the questions on How to Recycle correctly and so she was the only child to be awarded a prize.

Her very own Re-Usable shopping bag that she can even color.
I've been on my feet all day, moving constantly. I haven't had a moment to rest.
I have been frying chicken, baking cookies and cleaning up all day long. I have a spare moment to blog and I am happy to report that...
I have not binged today!
I'm pretty nervous for tomorrow, I see my therapist and then it's onward to go visit my friend.
The long drive I'm not looking forward too, and the pool?
Well I'm officially on my period, so?
I think it will be okay tomorrow, I'm going to stay positive.
I'm off to shower now and then bed.
I think today was a good day finally.
I hope this continues, please continue!
Night to you all.


unbeautiful said...

Glad it was a better day. Good job for no binging. :)

Peridot (G+P) said...

0.0 I'm so amazed at Ball'N'Chain putting on his Big Boy panties and acting like a mature human being in this situation! Shit happens, and you can move past it. (Still doesn't mean I don't wanna gut the retarded cunt who took her uniforms!)

OMG YAY!! :D Your girl has the BRAINS!! Will you post a picture of the bag when she colours it in? It looks so cool! The coolest ecobag I've got is a thermal one (Keeps my cold stuff cold) that looks like a tampon box D:

I'm so stoaked to hear you haven't B/Ped today! :D *Dances for joy* Maybe you can treat Mia like an abusive ex/hard drugs?

YAHOO GOOD DAY!!! :D I hope the box gets there midweek so you can paint when you don't have other things to occupy you :)

OMFG guess what was wrong with my uploads? Shit-for-brains over here forgot to compress the file! *Facedesk*


Sweet dreams Lou. I'm going to go watch&comment on your Vlogs, since I couldn't during Assignment Frenzy.

Arohanui <3

Jenn said...

I think the universe threw me a bone too. I hit a new low this morning and I'm HUNGOVER from all the b/p-ing I did yesterday. weird


mags said...

you love your daughter very much. I think that's sweet Lou. And 108.8! That's incredible!

Peridot (G+P) said...


Lol, the budget got cut so the SFX will be significantly degraded. I should pretend to be associates with Ngai Tahu and apply for funding XD

OMG YES the knit swag is amazing! The hard part is deciding what to make :/ I've definitely planned an earflap hat and fingerless gloves ^.^ Its decidedly chilly now!

Alright, next fine day I'll crank the camera out and go for a bit of a stroll. Still shots only, lol. I still need to borrow Mig's video camera so I can make movies.

Have a good day, lovely! <3

Mich said...

Ugh really sucks about the uniforms, but you're right--clothing is replaceable! Even if it is a pain.

Glad you had a better day. Hope you have lots more good days ahead. <3