Sunday, March 20, 2011



Peridot (G+P) said...

It's no problem :) I'm hoping your hat is snugglier than mine. I'm suspecting mine may turn out to be more like a pastel-coloured hairnet or somesuch D:

I think my best insomniac hallucination was when this chick walked past the Deli in a black minidress. I could have SWORN she walked past stark nekkid with a big black censor bar hovering in front of her! D:

Oh GAG, Dennys? I feel your pain. I've only been there once and we had to leave coz the smell made the preggo chick chuck her guts everywhere >.< So much strength to you for not purging in front of your baby girl! :D Does it help to think of the cals as a metabolism booster day?

Yay you still had 2 kitties! :D They'll calm down and stop schizing out in a few days <3

Why the FUCK does your landbitch turn the water off? What possible justification does this cunt have for it?? I saw it on FB but I fully didn't believe it.

I think the lack of decent binge food and hot water is ENOUGH sodding torture. However, I completely understand how you feel and the lack of desire for social contact.

Enjoy your Lou-time. Putting your own sanity and mental state first is the best possible thing for you to do. Lol, don't kill anyone who'd be missed and take care of yourself this week.