Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Okay!

My vacation is going good so far.
I've been enjoying myself.
Yesterday I took two Exlax Laxatives, these are the only lax available in my sister's house.
I am bloated, all of the calories I've consumed are affecting me. I have no Ginger here and digesting food have come to a standstill. Absolutely no bowel movements whatsoever. Now I remember why I don't take pill laxatives..
They have no effect on my body!
Other than the bloating, I've been okay.
This morning my sister and I exercised. We walked 12 miles on a track at the park.

Dead Frog; guess the track was too much for him..

I have tons of acid today, not b/p is painful.
My sister is cooking my favorite rice and I believe b/p are also on the menu.
I've told her of my intentions and she is okay with it.
I feel okay b/p today, if something were to happen at least she would be on notice.
I don't think my sugar would drop, but who knows?
We've been out today shopping and the day is warming up. Afterwards, we headed to Walmart and I bought more things to binge on.
I haven't weighed today and I'm not going to either, I don't want to panic. I can't believe the stupid lax did not work!
I'm getting acclimated to the new haircut, had to cut my hair, it was falling out by the handful. Its shorter than I expected. Oh well, such are the trials and tribulations of Bulimia..
I've spoken to my husband today, he's doing okay, a bit lonesome.
He's been staying up late looking at YouTube and having drinks before bed. My cats are climbing walls and acting out in my absence.
I've decided to leave Sunday instead of Saturday, prolonging the fun.
It's nice up here and cheap to live, wish I could move closer to my sister.

I've b/p too many times, now I'm ending the night with drinks and plenty of smokes.
Tomorrow who knows, more exercise for sure, maybe the pool?
Goodnight everyone I'm off to the garage for more cigs.


Peridot (G+P) said...

I laughed SO FUCKING HARD at that video I nearly shit myself! I love your sister, give her a high five and a hug from me, ok?

Lol, if she's never seen anyone eat cheese like that, she should ask my Grandpa WHY he called me 'Rat' when I was little. First thing I did at his house was head for the cheese in the fridge!

LOVE the new hair! I went and got some of the wool I need for your hat today. Lol, I need to get a set of 4.0 double-ended needles for it. Oh well! Such are the trials and tribulations of being a fiber addict 0:)

Lol, make sure you're sucking on fags with filters this time, ok Lou? Munchies=bingies! XD I wish I could have been there, I bet you're hysterical when you're stoned!

Sleep well, stay warm!


Borderline Bear said...

Helllllooooo havent read your blog for a while, been so involved in my own little world. I was wondering if you could help me on a question.
I havent been eating much and I have been making myself sick. I feel sick now all the time and nausius (sorry i cant spell). Is it acid? I have got in a cycle that because I feel sick I dont eat and when I do i feel more sick and the cycle goes round again. I feel so sick some days I have to lay in bed because moving makes me more ill

Hope you can help xxxxx

starvingartist said...

Poor froggie :(

I'm glad you're having a good time though! You sound much more carefree(:


Borderline Bear said...

Thanks for your message hun. Tried acid tablets and they didnt do anything then it occured to me that I have just started some antipychotic medication and last time this happened I was really sick so I reckon it might be that but thanks for your help :-) xx

Mrs. Donae said...

I'm glad the vaca is going great! You and your sister are too adorable!! Nice job on the 12 mile walk!! I'm sorry about all the acid doll :( It's great you can be honest with you sister. You hair looks great so don't even fret about it! enjoy the rest of the trip!!

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