Monday, March 7, 2011

Safe Food vs. Binge Food


Kimeley-Megan said...

I'm completely there with the grocery shopping thing. I used to have the same thing with the binge/safe foods. I've been blessed here for about 2 weeks, so I hope the best for you! You look amazing by the way, I love your hair! Stay strong, stay safe.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing Lou, i also binge on carby foods and dairy. America seems to have way more awesome food than Australia. I really wish we had zero-powerade. and what's with the syrup in soda? are you serious??! i'm devastated :(

EmptyShell said...

when I gave up pop I found that I really liked cutting juice with club soda, cause it's zero cals and not syrupy, so it cuts out most of the cals from the juice but still has flavour and bubbles