Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Vlogs for the week..


Anonymous said...

Hey love, I nominated you for an award <3

Peridot (G+P) said...

OMFG you have NO IDEA how naked my left wrist felt at work when I couldn't wear the bracelets. I'm gonna fix the pink EDNOS bracelet I got in Picton so it can go there too.

Your plan of 500 puts you at 1/3 of what you need to get your minimum RDI of shit from food. Are the supps working? D: It could be the standard not-eating-exercising-like-a-fiend state we all end up in thanks to ED :(

You have a huge family, wow! Like Dad's generation. Heehee, communicating with humour. Nooo, I don't do that at all *Innocent look*

Lol, the reason I've not tried to kill myself with anything other than an OD is because I'm terrified of surviving. Death is fine, but life? Bloody hell! I couldn't handle having my failure written on my flesh for everyone to see. Next time you see your bro, give him a bear hug from me, ok?

I'm not gonna lecture you, coz I understand where you're at right now. Therapists and counselors and shit can't help you out of hell if they don't know what it's like to be there. I fucking HATE how people at work and Uni act sooo sad and soooo sympathetic when I say to them 'I'm feeling like shit, I'm isolating and it's getting bad' and they DON'T fucking try to really help at all. Without Blogger and the people here I'd be dead by now.

Your husband sounds exactly like the husband of this woman at work we call "Mrs Go-Backs", coz she always buys more than she needs, pays for it and returns a bunch of stuff to get cash. She's a total bitch, so there is no milk in the sympathy udder for her. I cringe when I see her come up to the Deli.

You're wanting to isolate too. It's scary to hear the words in my own head come out of another person's mouth. It sounds like depression is pulling a fucking number on you, love. Thats just my opinion and it as flawed as any other.

OMG your tongue bar is distracting, lol. I took min out last November so I could eat fire at Circulation, but couldn't be fucked staying up till 3am listening to Dub and Techno for the burn. Lol, I have actually wondered how many calories were in Pegasol and in fire, then stopped freaking out coz you don't actually swallow. FML!

There are some extra goodies joining the hat. You MUST post a photo of you wearing it on FaceBook so I can add it to my album of completed projects. YOU MUST I tells ya!

Fuuuuuck I should go pretend to sleep or something. I hope you have a good Monday! Fuck I can't wait to send this box to you :D


Mrs. Donae said...

That's freakin fab that you got the workout in!! I'm so sorry about the dizziness Congrats on 1 week with out purging! That is just beyond fantastic hun! Becareful with Ana, she can be a real Bi*ch as you know! She just recentely came back into my life as well, so I can kinda relate.

It's wonderful that your trying to relax and figure things out. You deserve to relax!

WOW, 4 brothers! I thought I had it hard with ust my one haha! I'm sorry about your baby brother and older brother. That must be so hard :( It's so cool that you can talk about ED with them!

Your not an awful sister nor mom and you sound like a wonderful friend missy but I totally understand your feelings. Don't beat youself up luvy.

ARGG! LECTURES! I FEEL YA! I can't/won't stop either :/ I agree with you about others, "come down to my level".

Enyoy that wine doll!

My hubby does the same with money! It makes me feel like a child as well! Your so kind...your broke yet still buying shoes for your bro! You my dear have a huge heart!

YAY! Your out of the gain! It's okay to want to take time for yourself and be alone. Sometimes we just need that.I know I do.

Your daughter will adore you know matter what!! Don't beat yourself up about that either. Your a great mom!I hope she has a great time on her feild trip!

I to have no one to relate to in terms of my ED. I think thearapy will work wonders for you :) We are so thankful to have you!! Eblogger really does rock!

I hope Mia remains gone for you and things get better! Oh, and congrats on losing :) 3lbs woot woot!

Have a great Monday and start to the week hun!

ps...Thank you for the lovely comments!

A said...

congrats on everything! & I love your videos, can't wait to start regularly following you!