Sunday, March 13, 2011



mags said...

I'm envious of the gap in your teeth. You look like a model. And also, YOUR HELLO KITTY PILLOW IS ADORABLE (:

Thanks for cheering me up a bit. I will most definitly attempt to vlog again, and I'll continue watching yours <3

You're still wonderful. And you're so beautiful I can't get over it ahhhhhh! Have fun on your trip. Sorry about the homework :( and I hope the b/p isn't so bad for you this week. Good luck <3

Peridot (G+P) said...

6AM DEPARTURE?!?!? ARE YOU MAD???? *Shudders*

Best of luck to you for the bus! I've done the Dunedin-Christchurch trip a few times, and it probably counts and inhumane torture. The most memorable time was when this HUGELY overweight woman took off her bra infront of everyone, then fell asleep and snored from Ashburton to Oamaru.

Never. Again!

Ooooh, blender+shakes+ice=FUN!! I'm currently having a trail separation from my scale. I've gone from daily weighing to once a week, entering it on FitDay. I only have one, and it's called "The Judge". (Yup, I named the scale) I loooooooove digital scales!! :D

Wait, it gets cold in Florida? I have this mental image of most of America being this warm, sunny paradise. I think tourism ads and shivering exchange students have warped my tiny mind XD

Lol, I could totally make up some greek yoghurt&berry breakfast concoction in the ramekins and make coffee in the mugs! I'll have to get a percolator so there is enough caffeine in there. . .

The biggest tsunami wave to reach NZ was. . . 40cm high. Just over a foot?

I love coming home from work on Sunday to your Vlogs. It's such a great mood-lifter to see you so excited about vacation! Lol, the ball&chain's reaction is gonna be priceless (Film it?) and your daughter's teacher is a sadist along the lines of a University lecturer. (Holidays? Sure! WORKWORKWORK!!!)

Have a blast, love. I'm crossing my fingers and sending you calming vibes <3