Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Vlog


neverfit said...

I listened to the first half, and I"m going to listen to the second half later. Random, but the Hello Kitty pillow is ADORABLE, and I wish I cold pull off your haircut!

Good for you going to a clinic to get some help for your emotional issues. Bulimia is a tough beast, but it's possible to defeat- my best friend did recovery about a year ago and she's doing really well.
Stay strong. <3

Peridot (G+P) said...

Dunedin is on the wrong angle to get a tsunami from Japan <3 The North Island got a few cm wave at low tide, but that was it for us. I laughed so hard at the people who went to WATCH it at sea level. What are they, brain damaged??

Vertigo actually makes a kind of sense. The ears are connected to the throat via drainage tubes (I learned this when my eardrum exploded). When you purge some vomit could conceivably get into them and cause issues with your balance. It's a theory, anyway :)

Egg-Sucking tip: DON'T purge your meds. The side-effects are NOT worth it!!

Hells YEAH I can see your collarbone missy! You're fucking tiny.

Grrr, fucking Mia depriving us of Lou. Stupid bitchcow Mia. Can I break her arms or something? I've already put ED ahead of friends and Miles at times. It sucks but I understand why you just want to be alone with Mia. It's funny, the place Mia has filled for you is what books did for me in high school. Still, if that bitch steals you for too long I'm going to get jealous!!

Crank this up, coz it's true:
Nobody fucks with my mates and gets away with it. And you're my mate.


Anonymous said...

hey hun, i often have a hard time listening to your blogs, even though i turn my volume way up i still have trouble. if you know what's going on that would be a big help, otherwise i cannot watch your blogs *sad face*
have a great weekend