Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take it easy

This morning at 5:45am the day began.
Time to get moving.
I get the routine going and my weight still hasn't budged despite hardly eating at all yesterday. I think it's because I'm getting lazy.
I've decided to boot camp again next month, see if I can dedicate April to losing more weight, five pounds more if I can, ten if I'm lucky, the complete twenty if I'm crazy.
I've called my case manager already and the insurance matter has gotten sorted, apparently someone in some cubicle some where's forgot to type in approved on their computer. The bad news, it will take 45 days to go through. At least I still can see my therapist in the meantime, the only bad news is no other doctor can. No Dentist, Optometrist or Gp.
I have to wait.
I'm used to waiting, that's the story of my life.
It's been a slow and sleepy day for me, I'm drinking water today to ease the headache, I haven't had any coffee yet.
I miss coffee.
I've been to the Post office already and I must say the service is terrible, as are the employees.

15 minutes later....

My daughter's school is selling yearbooks and so one has been ordered, 18 bucks for memories geesh!
I'm going to scour Craig's List later for an Ipod, my workouts have been slacking and I can't have that. My husband is gone off with my daughter for the day and I'm alone, I feel like taking a nap but cannot, my daughter's godmother phoned and is coming at 3:30 for a visit..
It's 3:30 now.
I'm all done with dinner, tonight there is Chicken Fricassee and white rice, dessert Blueberry and Banana muffins. I don't want any of it, I shudder thinking about purging rice, ugh how painful and I can never be sure it's all out. The same with the chicken.
I'm not even hungry really, I am very thirsty today though.

I'm dying to sleep, I may just nap now, I wish my friend would hurry up and come so I can sleep some before I workout. I'm so tired.
I think I'm done for now my lovelies, all I've had today is water. I don't know what I want to eat later, I may have a boring salad. I think a potato too, if not I'll just have the shake, at least it's filling and 280 calories I can burn off easy.
I made an update vid last night after that horrible Panic Attack subsided, posted it on my channel.
Stay strong all, can't wait for April to start!

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starvingartist said...

those muffins look delicious though!

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