Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stomach Virus


Yesterday after my workout, I ate some saltine crackers-safe food. I had about five and stopped.
There are these chocolate Santa candies that my hubby has bought and I figured one wouldn't hurt. Small thin things wrapped in shiny aluminum, maybe 100 calories max I'd peg.
So I ate these items with no intention of purging them. Just something to have in me to keep me going after the strenuous workout.
At around 1 am my body decided differently. Woke up with the worst pain and nausea ever.
I have a stomach virus, looks like the same bug my daughter had. Maybe it was the chocolate, or maybe its contagious.
I have been throwing up all night long and now today as well. Oh boy I am sick sick sick.

I am so tired of throwing up. I feel like my head wants to pop off.
You'd think well, you can use the I'm sick excuse and get away with bloody Mia murder today which is true I can purge all I want today, but its actually painful binging. Every time I eat my stomach burns and gets hard. It fills up so quickly!
Its like I'm filled with tons of acid, everything I have been purging has been disintegrated in minutes, even bread.
Plus I'm freezing today, I've taken countless showers. I'm sitting next to the heater as we speak, I'm not moving from this spot.
Today first thing in the morning we had McDonald's for breakfast, I didn't want it really, but hubby insisted and so I went. A bacon egg & cheese biscuit and diet soda, hot chocolate and cookies too. I felt like I wanted to pop, I couldn't even walk to the car. The minute we got home I went straight to the bathroom to alleviate myself.
My period is officially on, its messing with the scale I'm still at 111lbs and hating it. The bloat and cramps are here ruining any chance for loss this week.
I can't even workout today. My husband is here for the next two days and he's actually been helpful staying out of my way and providing me with supplies to feel better. He's taken my daughter to the park to play for most of the day. I've been in bed trying to feel better.

We even went to the video store to rack up on holiday movies for Christmas viewing, took another trip to the grocery store for Christmas dinner menu, all the fixings are bought and only await my cooking expertise. Oh joy-food! more lbs to work off.
Christmas is almost here and its time for me to don my Bah Humbug shirt for the holidays..
I'm not particularly an X-Mas person, can you tell? This holiday has lost all meaning already, its just too commercial for my liking.
The overpriced gifts, too many fruitcakes and cookies, the annoying repetitive music. The crowded malls with no parking spaces and the smelly Santa's. It's too much already, let's get this year over with. I'm ready to start fresh.

I'm so dizzy, been chugging the Power Ade Zero now. I think I need more sleep.
My husband has already walked in on me after a binge of soup and crackers.
"Are you alright?" he asks with huge curious eyes.
I have the shower running and the scale near me.
I'm fine, just can't keep anything down today. He nods his head and backs out slowly, closing the door behind him. I've never been walked in on before, thought it would feel different, maybe I'm just too numb today to care.

Its been a long day, I hope to feel better.
My body cries for sleep now. I think I will listen. Hope you all are feeling better than me today, thanks for all the lovely comments.


unbeautiful said...

I really hope you feel better soon. Just get some rest. Take it easy.

Dylphe said...

i hope you get better real soon. you might actually loose with the virus.(let's be positive lol)

Phantom said...

oh my word! shame man it can't feel lekker at all :( i hope you get better really soon... hopefully its not contagious though, otherwise i feel sorry for your hubby
feel better soon

*Broken* said...

I really hope you feel better soon sweetie!
I just have to say, that Santa shirt rocks!
Take care

All.That.Wander.Are.Not.Lost said...

aw I hope you get to feeling better:(

I was actually thinking last night I wish I'd get sick and throw up for a good two days so could lose 2-3 pounds:/ twisted, I know.

<3 the shirt btw!!

Anonymous said...

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