Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pms and pills


I wish this time of the month would just fly through. These cramps are killing me. I'm bloated and craving all kinds of odd things.
Yesterday I was actually bedridden, the cramps and the dizziness were too much for me. All I had was water and a Powerade zero, no Mia to play with.
I don't like this dizziness, doesn't feel like dehydration, feels like something else. Today at 5am had 2 bananas and my usual plethora of exercises, off to the shower and time to start the day.
The supps and fruit helped some.
I feel so exhausted, I hardly got any sleep last light what with my husband's loud obnoxious sneezing and coughing. He sounds like a cat drowning.
I had an awful nightmare to boot,
my daughter and I were looking for my youngest brother who was living in motel in a bad part of town, we wandered around asking who we could about his whereabouts but no one had seen him for months. I feared the worst for him.
In reality its not far from the truth, I haven't heard from him in months, I have no way of finding him. I pray he's fine and that its all in my head.
You ever feel so tired you cry in frustration?
Yeah that's me today. I feel like a whining child who can't have her way. Its December 1st already and I'm hoping to drop these lbs quickly. This period just seems to be slowing me down.
I'm officially sick with the flu, my kid and husband have transferred their germs to me. My sinus is congested and my throat is red and inflamed. My nose is runny and my eyes are dry.
It took me a minute to realize I was even sick to begin with, my sole pains lately have all been because of the Ed. I forgot what being sick with the flu felt like. I have no idea if my immune system is even working properly, I hope it can combat this and I'm not out of commission for weeks. If I am severely sick, please Lord let me dry up further, decrease this appetite!
I got my Sea Kelp tablets finally today after dropping my daughter off at school. The Vitamin Shoppe carried it, they were only $4.49. I'm so  excited, I'll take them later on today and see how I feel. I'm hoping that my metabolism will be boosted and maybe if it can spare some minerals to grow some of my hair back, that would be appreciated too.

The pills are flat, round and green. They smell like the ocean. I hear things about the taste so I'm hoping I can just pinch my nose and swallow them real fast. I'll chug a lot of water and hope that the after taste doesn't make me purge them. Hubby isn't so annoying today.
Actually we struck a deal of sorts.
I want to b/p, and he wants to drink my bottle of wine that I've been saving for when the mood is right. I told him I'd cook today but then I'd probably wanna purge so its best I just don't eat.
"No you gotta eat something today.." he says already thinking about the dinner menu.
So I tell him if it doesn't bother him, I'll b/p..
He says fine, and then proceeds to ask me if he can drink my wine and replace it Friday.
Ah touche'
So he scratches my back, I scratch his, what a pair are we!
I don't mind, the way I'm feeling I won't be drinking that wine anytime soon.
So here we are, I'm baking Mac n Cheese and frying Chicken, have garlic bread baking too.
The wine is chilled and the DVR is full of movies. I guess there's nothing more to do than just cave.
Here's hoping I'll make 110 tomorrow.


*Broken* said...

Being sick sucks, I hope you feel better any time soon!
The new pills sounds great, here I can´t even get green tea pills...
Tomorrow is a new day, try to enjoy tonight watching the movies =)
Drink a lot of water, when you´re sick you need more.

Avani said...

Try SmartWater. It's good even when you're not sick, cause it replaces electrolytes after you purge.

Smallasapanda said...

Get better! You sound like you need to kick back and relax! Enjoy yourself!

Lulu said...

Thanks for all the well wishes!

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