Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Master Cleanse

Okay, So this morning was an eventful one.
Before 9am there were already arguments!
First a huge misunderstanding with my sister and then my husband.
My sister is incredibly concerned for me, I appreciate it I do, but I've been doing my own thing for awhile now, and the Ed just keeps isolating me. I'm not trying to be distant on purpose.
Some people have different ways of showing their concern, some are incredibly quiet and dignified, some are reasonable, and others like to yell at you in the aisle of the Publix Supermarket first thing in the morning.
Either way a lack of communication between us was at fault. We've seemed to settle our differences, which is always nice. I don't like to argue. I'm a peaceful soul.
Now the fight with the ol' ball and chain..
He's been pretty reserved about his feelings concerning my Ed. Sometimes I don't know if he really understands or not? I don't bring it up and neither does he.
I've flat out told him I am no longer eating, no one can make me. He thinks this is a slow suicide, that I should just eat a small meal and workout to burn it off. I said no, not even that. I just don't want to eat.
The look on his face-priceless (insert MasterCard Logo here!).
I guess we'll see what other colorful reactions he'll have, I heard through the grapevine today that he's not taking this serious and thinks this is just a phase I'm going through? Well my dear, never say you weren't warned.
So I am currently at 136..yesterday's incident plateaued me. Grr I could have been at 135 firm this morning. Then again I could've gained a pound and that would be worse. So lesson learned I suppose.
Now today I am going to try something different. Since my recent dizzy spells and now stomach pains (especially the second one) I've decided to try and throw Mia off my back. Purging today could get serious seeing as I have no idea why my stomach hurts.
So instead of fasting, which I can do for a day at best, I've decided to do the infamous "The Master Cleanse."
So this is day one for me. As you know I haven't been exactly best friends with liquids lately, I have a nutty notion that they will make me gain. So today I was going to just hydrate the whole day with Power Ade Zero and water. I need to get the dizzy spells under control.
I'm doing the cleanse instead.
I feel hopeful, in addition to the weight loss, it would be a break from Mia. A time where my body can relax and maybe my mind can stop stirring. I want to do this. If I'm not eating anyways, the least I can do is give this a shot, fluid is fluid.

So I've got my Lemons, Cayenne Pepper, Water Gallon. I am suppose to add Maple Syrup to this concoction, but maple syrup is a ton of calories! So I kinda cheated and added Splenda instead. I will get the syrup tomorrow or maybe next week, I had no idea in addition to the calories, the price of the syrup, its like $18.00!! My goodness..
The cleanse can be done up to 40 days..
No. I'm doing ten and see where that leads me. So here I am now four cups later.

The juice takes some getting used to at first. The pepper aftertaste is memorable to say the least. I'm meant to drink eight cups of this. So I was curious and weighed. Of course it was up by two pounds already, which just about gave me a heart attack!
Its not actual gain, but all of the liquid, it will go down. Still stuff like that just further feeds the paranoia on why I shouldn't drink anything.
I'm really hoping I can do this for ten days straight. I would love to just be done with Mia altogether, she is such a waste of time and energy, not to mention money.
I'm not doing this cleanse alone, I'm teaming up with a friend who's had it with Mia too. Its nice to buddy up when it comes to things like this, side effects can be compared and overall support is beneficial to loss.
So far the major side effect for today is non stop urination. I have a slight headache, but that's normal for me, when don't I have a headache?
So this is day 1!
I plan to get a workout in later, not too hard. I'm hoping this will lead to some potential loss and not the opposite.
I'm really nervous overall, I'm scared that this is going to backfire on me. I'm going to try to be positive and see if this works.
Wish me luck.
                   If all else backfires I've heard of another kooky idea..

                                 Hmm wonder if they take Visa?