Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MC day 2!

                                                                             Mood:Migraine Central
The alarm goes off at 7am and it is black and gloomy outside.
It's raining. My kind of day, cool and soggy.
So this is day 2 of  The Master Cleanse.

I did great yesterday, I drank 8 cups of the spicy lemonade in addition to plenty of water and the a final cup of dieter's tea at night. In the afternoon and after the work out, I had huge cravings and felt like caving in to Mia, but I ignored the voices and stayed strong. I did not b/p at all yesterday!
You have no idea how happy that makes me.
I wanted to stick with this and see what the results would be even after one day, holding back paid off I am at 135lbs today. I've lost one pound on this liquid drink already. I'm going to be honest, I am not looking forward to drinking it, blech. It doesn't taste good to me, because I'm not a pepper kinda girl, but I will drink it again today and stick with it.
Side effects-constant trips to the bathroom to pee, and a headache that would not seem to let up, also I was dizzy again. I hydrated all I could yesterday, so if its not dehydration that has me in a constant spin, then I'm fucked cause I can't figure it out?
In any event I'm still here standing on both feet, with a few little wobbly scares now and again. I've taken my supplements and my OEP. You're not really supposed to take anything on this cleanse, you're trying to flush out the toxins not add to them. Then again this kinda drink is reserved for people with normal appetites who just want to lose a few pounds and clean there systems out. I, on the other hand am not like other people, I haven't digested a real meal in months, so my tolerance is a bit higher than most. I can take a lot, I already have the mindset and my goals are already set, they're pretty close actually. I want this year to be the year where I finally can shed this old skin of mines for good. I refuse to spend another year of my life in this state. So we are now entering October and I'm guessing before the year is up my goal will have been met and my way of thinking immensely altered.
I am officially drinking water again. It is suppose to help with the headache, we'll see..
You're allowed to eat in the first three days of this, just to ease you into it, but eh, that's not a good idea for me either. Can't do that. No thanks.
I have enough drink for today and then I'll go ahead and prepare another one tonight for the repeat in the morning.
Hmm, Friday they are fumigating my place, I have to check into a Hotel. Three days no Internet-yikes.
I have plenty of books laid out for the long weekend, but still, now I have to calculate the drink into the equation. At least there's a kitchen in the hotel I'm staying at so its possible. So I might be missing in action for a few days, I will still keep track and post the results, good or bad.
So I'm off now, have to run around and get those errands done on this rainy Wednesday, get everything ready for the weekend away from home. Just me, my kid and the kitties, we'll have loads of fun, tons! (insert sarcastic tone here)
Got my drink in hand-bottoms up!