Tuesday, January 11, 2011

105 Milestone

Lou @ 112lbs

Lou @ 105lbs
Thighs @ 105bs

Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry, my camera is a mess. I'm replacing it next month anyways.
So there you have it, 105lbs, and a pretty bird for the haters..


wj89 said...

your thighs definitely look thinner! congrats!

mags said...

Congrats! That's amazing! I bet you feel relieved. 105 is where I'd LIKE to be.

Eager Enid said...

wow. let me start by saying i seriously admire you. my highest weight was 204. i'm currently 184..your blog is very inspiring so thank you!

Elara said...

I hope you find a weight that let's you be happy. You look good, maybe one day you'll feel it too.

118 or bust! said...

you look great!!

fatfatfat said...

Looking good!!!

*Broken* said...

You look amazing sweetie!!!

Jenn said...

SWEET! You look super

unbeautiful said...

you look good. xx

Dylphe said...

wow you look amazing...i hope to look like that in the future

small said...

You are tiny, sweetie, and you've gotten here so fast. Are you able to keep anything down, retain any nutrients? Hydrate with electrolytes and take vitamins (take the vitamins at night, when you are going to bed, so you can keep them down.)

None of this will be worth it if you can't enjoy being small because your health is so compromised. Soon it will be warm and you should be dashing around in the summer sun, showing off your cute little figure in little tops and shorts and flip flops, not holed up in a hospital somewhere under cold flourescence.

Worried about you, hope the light at the end of the tunnel is appearing for you very soon.

many hugs to you, love.

/mother hen

Lorelei said...

You are absolutely stunning, and I wish more people in your life told you so. The "bird to the haters" shot has such soul.
Tangent: I love seeing Jesus and Buddha in the background. lol

Ahh damn. I'm signed in on my RL blog. Well, it's Lola.

Loulou said...

your blog is amazing, you look amazing and i just saw that you lost 107.lbs.
I'm breathless.
You are superinspirational.