Saturday, January 15, 2011

♪ We just got a letter, wonder who its from?

Well I think I may not make 104 this weekend, my period just came on today. I already feel bloated and have killer cramps.
This will slow me down some.
I'm not too upset, I'll just have to try harder to make it there is all. The treadmill will be ready soon and I'm hoping that will make a difference again. Maybe boost metabolism further, I just hope I won't be too tired to workout, getting lazy being out of commission for so long.
Tomorrow I'm headed to Sears and getting some new workout shoes. I can't wait, I hope they are on sale, if so then maybe I can snag a new Ipod armband too. The one I have now is gutted.
Today has been a pretty lazy Saturday, I've held out b/p almost half of the day, but you know something happens and then blah Mia comes to the rescue. At least it was just 1x today.
I tried, I'll get there one day I know it. There will be a time where that number will be zero times. I can't wait for that day, to be free.
Well I head downstairs to check what the postmaster has left me and what do you know, a special package all the way from Germany!
Ooh the very gorgeous Dylphe has sent me one of her copies of The Scarlet Letter (I love this book!)..
Thank you so much sweetie that was very kind of you, and I love the note and thanks for the Autograph. When you're really famous one day and chatting with Oprah Winfrey I promise to not sell your autograph on EBay..

Very Dear to my heart ♥

First! to get an autograph..

Now this book is part of the nightstand must reads..
I also got a new Red Bracelet today, hubby being extra nice to me.
Hmm..we have a saying in Spanish for that sort of odd behavior-
"Ese huevo quiere sal."
Roughly translated: That egg wants salt.
I accept it with a weary look, I guess I'll find out soon enough what the deal is.
I hardly watch TV anymore, but tomorrow finally I can enjoy Sundays again.
HBO at 9pm Big Love is back, the fifth and final season ooh goody! I love this show. I definitely will be having a nice glass of wine and absorbing it all. An hour's distraction I can't wait. I may even eat something and keep it down, I said may. I have to work out the caloric value of course lol. Oh man its never easy, one can't just eat for the sake of nutrition or cus its tasty. Nope, so much has to be worked out first, it has to be a safe food, or something that can be easily burned off, low fat or no fat. Maybe I should ust scratch that idea altogether, don't wanna accidentally set off a binge.
Anyways I'm hoping for another showdown with Mia, holding her off as much as I can, the time away from the house will do me good, I hope I can go the whole day without food and make 104 by Monday.
Eh we'll see what happens. I'm crossing my fingers on that one.
I was wondering if anyone else had bracelets too or wore something that was a constant reminder of the goals you wish to achieve.
Would be nice to see some fellow wrists..
Night to you all, I have a sink full of dirty dishes to scrub, yay I don't own a dishwasher!
Grr dishpan hands, I'll never get a boyfriend with prune fingers.


*Broken* said...

You´ll lose a lot faster once you get your trendmille fixed =)
I had a bracelet for many years, I trew it when I tried to recover, but now I think I´ll get a new one

small said...

I have an ana bracelet that I wear about once a month or so, when I need extra motivation. I got it at a crafts fair. It has a lot of power to motivate me and so I only wear it when I need to pull out the big guns, as it were....I have this stupid feeling that if I wear it too often it will lose its juice, y'know?

Good luck on the shoes tomorrow! Not having the treadmill working must be nervewracking; I know you're looking forward to getting it fixed.

small said...

PS: Your arm!!! Look how very tiny your arm is in the Scarlet Letter picture!

(I loved that book too, btw. The first time I read it I was all, "damn, how can something this old be this good?" Hester Prynne rocks...)

mags said...

A rubber band that I snap back on my wrist whenever I think about binging :(
& then there's fluffy...
"Fluffy" is my reminder word.

while I was in school, one of my classes had me seated in front of a gay white guy and an OBESE Mexican girl.
One day, this girl was talking about her weight. "I'm fat." "I need to lose weight.
I silently agreed with her.
Then the gay guy goes "You're not fat, you're FLUFFY".
I think silently, "Damn. I NEVER want to be fluffy."

So I write "fluffy" on my hand sometimes. Or just think it in my head. As a reminder of what I DON'T want to be and what I WILL end up being if I eat that.

Anonymous said...

I have a red wristband I wear all the time to remind me that i dont wanna be fat
i read that book in the 10th grade luved it btw
ure so pretty!
hope you have a nice time tomorrow.

stay beautiful!

Annie said...

i wear bracelets. boat loads. i always wear them. but not cause of ana. mostly because im insecure about the scars all over my arms.
i used to hurt myself...
and the scars are bad. so im embarrassed. i used to only wear long sleeve shirts, but thats hot in the summer. so i wear bracelets.

Dylphe said...

ha ha you mean cower on her couch i hope i never get that famous, i'd pee myself out of fear for the cameras, i'll just have to drag your ass on the couch with me.
i have a red bracelet i made it but i never really finished it because there's this piece of wire making me impatient and i made it way to big and i don't feel like starting all over...even though i could...and i should you know i think i will when i have the energy...ok problem solved.
stay strong

broadwaybaby2011 said...

Hey, I knoe this is kind of random, but I'm looking for support right now. I sort of got carried away with my ED in October and wound up in the ICU followed by a week in the mental hospital on suisude precaution. Now I'm soposed to be gettiong treatment but I really don't want to get better. I'm 118 right now, I want to get down to at least 99. Anyways, if you could just check out my blog that's be great (:

Phantom said...

thanks so much for your kind comment lou hugs nice to see you more upper :) be good