Monday, January 31, 2011

First Vlog

Okay first video blog..
Just a quickie.


Anonymous said...

when i saw that you had posted a vlog i was like YAY. you're pretty amazing i must say, i love your accent. definitely post more vlogs, i look forward to them.
that's really shit about your treadmill, sorry that happened to you. people in general are pretty fucked.
and sorry about my lack of commenting, i'm still reading, though most of the time i just don't have much to say.

Harlow B said...

I've been reading for awhle, but his is my first comment. Enjoyed thevlog, it's nice to put a personality to a blogger.

That is so terrible about your treadmill. People can be terrible sometimes. I would probably buy another treadmill, but that's jus me... I'm a runner.

Mich said...

You are so beautiful. You really remind me of the movie stars from the 1920's and 30's. Like Greta Garbo.

This is the mini elliptical I got:
There's other ones that are similar. It's pretty good. And light enough that you can move it around easily.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry sister..God don't like ugly..we all no u like to run like Forrest Gump..but it's time to invest in another one..I will contribute a 100.00 dollars toward your new tredmill!!Love you My Monkey!

lADY jAY said...

Sorry Monkey I did not know that it was going to publish me as annoymus..

wj89 said...

don't worry about the treadmill guy - he'll get what's coming to him:) I know that you believe in karma, and it always comes around.

Jenn said...

OMG I heart you to pieces


small said...

YAY, you got the care package!!!

I hate that about the treadmill. That is AWFUL. :( If you have the time, you can swear out a warrant for his arrest with what information you do have. If they ever do find him, he would have to make restitution as a part of his sentence. I would also contact Better Business Bureau.

You don't have to give me anything; your blog has given me much, much more than you know. That is why I wanted to do something for you. I have no-one IRL who understands, and I feel like you really do. That means a great deal. :hug: But I would love to have something from you, just the same, if you'd like! :)

Also: you are rocking those collarbones!