Monday, January 17, 2011

And the award goes to...


Well now I am surprised and honored. I had no idea such an award existed?
Okay, I'll accept this with as much grace and consideration as in the spirit it was given.

Thank you El *Pretty Pro Slim* for giving me this award, its very touching and sweet. I'm happy that you follow my blog; you were one of the first followers and it was your blog that inspired me to start my own, so double thanks!
I'm happy for you and keep wishing you success in your progress, you'll reach your own goal soon enough, you're one tough and cute cookie.
It feels nice to be considered "inspirational."

in·spi·ra·tional (-s̸hə nəl)
  1. of or giving inspiration; inspiring
  2. produced, influenced, or stimulated by inspiration; inspired
I never heard that word much, until now. Now I hear it often along with other adjectives, like beautiful,  (another first) and strong.
I take it all to my heart, I'm grateful for the positive out pours and say thank you. I feel inspired now, and I will continue to pursue my goals. It's possible to want something so much you make it happen. You apply yourself and problem solve until it is achieved.
There is a colorful quote that I love that fits this perfectly.
"Fridge pickers wear big Knickers."
Wait no, that's not it..
Ah, here we are-

"The only person who can stop me…is me…and I can take her."

No one else can make anything happen but you. You are your own obstacle.
So now I'm meant to give 10 interesting facts about myself and then proceed to hand out this very prestigious award to five other worthy bloggers that I follow. I would hand this out to everyone if I could but I can't, so no one feel left out please. Let's start the privy. Okay Interesting facts about Lou..

  1. I sing in the car when I drive alone or if my daughter is with me. I never sing in front of any other fellow passengers; ever. I've been in a car before with people who turn the radio loud and bop to the music, sing off key or in tune, singing to the wrong lyrics, made up lyrics, to their favorite song or station, and I will quietly sit there pretending that I don't want to sing along. I do. I probably know all the words too, but alas I won't do it in front of anyone. Only alone, or with my Lil Miss B. that's it! I don't know why? I guess I'm just embarrassed, maybe too shy. So if you're ever in the car with me and you've just read this, I still won't and you can't make me!
  2. I secretly wish I could wear high heels. I have sadly enough FLAT feet. Amazingly enough they've shrunk in size since I've lost weight, yeah I just found that out today; I used to be a size 8 (U.S size) and now I'm a 7! but yeah I find that No.1 I can't walk in them, I can but very slowly- my fear is that I will fall in them or worse bend and twist my ankle. No.2 My flat feet make it difficult for me to fit in cute high heels. So me transforming into a girly girl is a struggle, I have a lot going against me. I guess I need Ms. Jay from ANTM to come and teach me how to first find a suitable pair that fits me and then show me how to walk in them.
  3. I'm scared of roller coasters. Its true, I refuse to ride even small little kid ones. I'm no fun at a carnival. I once got dragged on one by my best friend at the time and I cried before getting on. I had my eyes closed the whole time the ride went on. My fear is that I will have a heart attack on the actual ride (insert neurosis here). Florida has so many theme parks and they all have these killer roller coasters! Omg what am I suppose to do! I'm so embarrassed, I wish I could be braver but I'm not, the Wizard of Oz never gave me my Courage..
  4. I'm not a real *coughs heavily* blonde..  Moving along!
  5. I have an actual completed book of poems sitting on my shelf written by me. I love to write, its the one thing that keeps me calm and makes me feel both sane and confident. I also have half a novel on my laptop. The novel is coming along some, its no War and Peace by any means, I've written most of that one under some tasty wine influences, but yeah I have actual things ready for possible publication. I don't know why I haven't shown them to anyone, maybe because the circles I run in aren't really the artsy literary types and they don't seem all that interested? Which brings me to my next fact..
  6. I dumb myself down. I do. Sometimes I want to just be me and I can't. I feel like I'm a huge nerd and sometimes I don't want to make anyone feel bad if they don't know a "big word" that I've used, or anything else for that matter. So I kinda just go with the flow and put the real me on the back burner.
  7. I'm allergic to Shrimp. I can't eat it makes me sick all the time. For my graduation, my friend's Dad took us to Red Lobster and they didn't know about the allergy. Well at the time I thought oh boy this is fancy and I can't say no to the seafood, they're flipping the bill and all. I ate so much shrimp! Fried and buttered, you name it, and felt sick immediately. They dropped me off home and I ran to the bathroom and threw up unlimited pounds of shrimp! So yeah I'm not so good with with Shrimp, and I've never tried a Lobster before-ever.
  8. I hate Roses. I can't stand them, you give me roses and they're getting re gifted. I don't like Roses for two reasons. 1) Everyone gets them, they are so common in my eyes. There are actual vendors on every street corner here who sell roses 10 for 5$. They don't feel special to me anymore and they whither and die so quickly! 2) Roses remind me of funerals. I've known death-too much. Roses are the last thing they place on your coffin before they lower you down six feet under forever. So none for me, I'll pass. My favorite flowers are daisies (white ones) and Carnations, yes I said Carnations those ugly filler flowers most people hate. I love them, any color please!
  9. I want to live in Europe. Anywhere I don't care. I want to breathe different air and see, hear, taste, experience life abroad. I want to pack up and go, I don't care if I can't speak the language or know the customs, I'll manage.
  10. I still give, to this very day no matter how mean or vicious, people the benefit of the doubt. I give second chances and eventually I forgive all transgresses no matter how big or small. I'm just that kind of woman, mostly my kindness gets taken advantage of. I learn from my mistakes, but I can't not forgive, I can't not stop caring about someone or hoping they will change or themselves learn and grow. I guess sometimes I just want to lead by example..
So there you have it, a little bit of Lou, hope I didn't babble on too much.
Now the fellow bloggers who are in merit of this award also..

  1. Dylphe. I love reading your blog, I love your bluntness and Potty mouth and the cute way you use the word "Laxies."  You're too sweet for sending me a book in the mail and I can relate to you as a fellow mom and Mia sufferer. I know you'll reach your goal soon because you have a strong persona, you take no shit and speak your mind, I just love it and you. You deserve this award for that.
  2. Mags. How can I not give this honorable mention to you. You're so strong, you are determined and beautiful. I'm so happy for you at this time in your life, you're young and in love. I wish you the best in everything sweetie, I love reading your blog.
  3. Lola. I love your quirkiness. Your blog is one of the first ones I ever came across on Blogger, I love your humor and fashion sense. I know you're busy with college life, wish you'd blog more, but when you do it's a great read.
  4. Mich. I love reading your blog. You're a great writer and artist. I think you're very talented and wish to be as beautiful and equally as gifted as you.
  5. Danae. You are too strong, a 19 day fast is no easy thing yet you make it seem like a cake walk! You're a fellow Mia like me yet have managed to go and keep trying to not be. I admire you for that. You deserve this most for your continuous will to say no. Good luck and keep it up.

So there you have it.
Now a little update on today.
I got some toning shoes today yay!
The good ones that I really wanted to buy Reebok Easy Tone were all sold out in my size. There was a sale at my local Sears store. I ended up buying L.A Gear Walk N Tone shoes instead.  I plan to break these in tomorrow when I head to the museum with hubby and daughter. Hubby wants to eat at some Italian restaurant afterwards, oh man they have Pizza and a Salad Bar, big greasy Garlic Rolls too! You'll be hearing about that adventure tomorrow.

I'm still at 105lbs although my period keeps making it go up a pound and then down. Its so annoying. I had an incident this morning with coffee. I was at McDonald's and my husband ordered me a large coffee. I drank it because I was cold, and I'm sure it wasn't that many calories really, but I just didn't want it in me and ended up purging it in my kitchen sink when I got home. I felt awful, why couldn't I just keep it in me? Why am I such a weirdo!
I've managed to b/p of course today 3x I'm afraid and the last weigh in I was 105 exactly. Now I'm drinking wine because my favorite show Big Love season premiere was on. I also have been eating...some crackers, cheese, buttered bread and a can of Vienna sausages too; this mess I haven't purged! I have no idea what this will mean weight wise tomorrow. I fear gain, like serious 107 lbs maybe gain FML!! See what I mean about you personally being the problem if you lose or gain..
I really hope the damage won't be too much. The alcohol is impairing my better judgement, or maybe its just paving out the normalcy that I crave?
Oh well, If I gained I have no one to blame but myself.
Good night to you all and to the winners, please pass the award along to 5 other fellow favorites along with 10 facts.
Pray that I don't gain too much from this asinine binge.



Phantom said...

you definately deserve it :) congrats.

bonesarepure said...

congrats hunny sorry that i havent been commenting much but congrats
adn ilove rollercoaster love the thrill of them and then the dropp were ur somtach just goes in ur throat yeah im werid

small said...

Yay for the new shoes!

Your list of 10 was very's obvious you are very intelligent -- I'm not at all surprised you've got a novel in you, or that you write poetry. You write beautifully -- descriptive, honest, gripping, and from the heart....

I've been in the ana movement for about 5 years (on pro-ana sites) but I'm relatively new to Blogger (I lurked for a few months and just started my blog last month.) I just wanted to tell you that you're my favorite read -- I check in here every day.

Mich said...

Nice shoes!!

I loved reading those facts about you. I won't go on roller coasters either--I never would even as a kid! And I sing in the car, too. Like hardcore. I'm pretty good at opera...

You should send that book of poems out and try to get it published! You're a great writer, so I bet they're awesome poems.


mags said...

thanks for the award, lou!
as soon as I have a way to charge my netbook I'll do the same. (my charger is kaput, atm :()
but thanks.
you are beautiful, inspirational, and strong.