Friday, January 7, 2011

Fast Track

Weight 110lbs and going down.
I am wearing size 0 jeans today. I'm so happy I don't even care that its cold out. I'm feeling very pretty this morning and the only thing that needed to make this morning better would have been alone time with my crush, unfortunately the principal was outside today and he was very preoccupied. Lots of parents around, very chaotic Friday, maybe has something to do with the weather, Idk.
I hope I can pull off 109 today, crossing my fingers for that one.
I'm going back to bed to sleep some more, don't want to be up this early and binge, if I start that early then its a setup for the whole day. I don't need that. I don't want to poke the Mia bear while she's sleeping..
Oh, last night I had a horrible headache, but there's some tea I bought that is very good, it relaxes you. If I feel any kind of bad today I'm drinking it again.
I think the horrible headache was due in part to the fact I had two cups of coffee with a diet pill, now I know what happens when you mix the two. At least I wasn't bouncing off the walls.

 Today is Friday and depending on how I feel or not I may have a glass of wine, not sure yet. I just feel like celebrating. I'm just very positive and hopeful this morning, I want this to last. I want to beleive that although November and December were squandered away, January is the month that will make up for that and be about total loss. I really want to make this goal weight before March.
Okay I'm off to bed again, another thing I love about this pill other than the fact I'm dropping this dead weight fast, it makes me pee a lot.
Since it does that, it makes me feel safe enough to drink water, I can safely say I'm not dehydrated. I want to keep dropping this weight and avoid the laxative route, the lax will just deplete me and then I'll gain that back plus more I suspect. This time I will do things the right way.
This is the longest I've gone with out lax, my Ed pantry has 10 of em nice and chilled waiting in the wings. I won't resort to that. My colon isn't as lazy as I thought, I had an actual go yesterday like normal homosapiens. That's important too, get the body working again, organs doing their job like they're supposed to. I have enough to worry about without things getting lazy or failing on me.
Hope you all are enjoying this cold morning as much as I am.
TGIF, can sleep late tomorrow!


mags said...

I would absolutely LOVE to weigh 110 right now. I'm so jealous of you Lou. But good job!

Annie said...

i have so yogi tea. its wonderful. i have tons of different ones for different things. one i particularly like is "yogi fasting tea" it calms your stomach.

great job on the 110 and size zero jeans. :)

Mich said...

I'm glad you had a good day of feeling good and beautiful. You deserve it, because you ARE beautiful!