Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Don't Look..


How will you know I am hurting,
If you cannot see my pain?
To wear it on my body
Tells what words cannot explain.

I've had a long bad day.
Now I've also had my bony ass lectured by someone who has no clue about me or my Ed. Someone who's been an unreliable friend and does nothing more now than pop in and out of conversations with a timer-Ding! have to go little buddy take care..
Thanks for telling me how ugly I look now too-woo Look at me Stavin' Marvin!
Thanks for asking me what a typical day in my life is like "mostly hurl?"
Mr. Fucking Sensitivity.
You've officially become a trigger now, thanks friend. Thanks for the positive things you said to me and the way you made me feel like utter shit about myself tonight.
See you on the way back down.


Anonymous said...

that's horrible. i was like omg i hope it's not me because i said something about going to hospital, but am i being paranoid? because i am not a Mr. :S
feel better though, don't worry about what anyone says because like you said, they don't know shit.
thanks for telling me about the doll btw!i didn't read your comment until i got back though. i was actually trying to decided between the tangled one... i think that's what it's called, probably not though lol. anyway that and the beauty and the beast one. i went with beauty, i hope she likes it anyway. but it's hard to tell when you don't have kids.
sorry for the essay, i'm in a weird mood.
take care :) xx

Dylphe said...

ok i may not be at a point weight wise to hear the starvin marvin comments but i know how it is for someone to make insensitive comments. i just LOVE those "friends". they don't realize it plunges us further and further into this.
there will always be bastards fucking with our psyche, we're better than them!
stay strong

lady Jay said...

Sister you are beautiful inside and out FUCK THAT PUTO...He is no one to judge!!