Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 3 Done..


The To Do List is brilliant.
This system is actually working. I'm sticking to everything on there and its bringing me a sense of purpose now. I've been having horrible cravings for bananas all day, I guess maybe I'm low on Fiber or Potassium, maybe even Sodium, hence the cravings. Sometimes are bodies ask for specific things it needs.
I didn't buy any and I just kept up with the water. I do have a horrible headache that won't go away for some reason. This headache makes me feel sleepy, I don't know what that could mean, but I am going to bed early tonight just the same.
This being day 3, I've weighed and I'm satisfied. I was currently yo-yoing between 115-116lbs last week, it was driving me mad, but today I'm firm at 115. That's good, now if I keep at it I'm sure I'll get over the plateau and start losing again.
My husband is off the next two days, now comes the real test of willpower, he's my biggest trigger. If I'm suddenly in a good mood, he'll find a way to ruin that.
I hope I can withstand whatever he's putting out.
On my list for tomorrow, buying the Turkey. Oh boy Thanksgiving, also known as Binge O' Rama! I have my niece coming over that day, I'm still undecided on what to cook? I won't make much and I'm finding the smallest turkey there is, no leftovers this year. Now about eating with family, hmm. I may have to throw turkey under the table to the cats when no one's looking. Chew and Spit may be a bit much. I'll figure something out. Ugh hate the holidays.
I also need to order a birthday cake, my daughter's birthday is next week. This week though I want her to celebrate early in school. So I have to run around and get a party going for 24 classmates this Friday. I hope I can pull this off..
I think I'll be okay for the next two days, if I just keep busy and tune out any negativity, then I may actually be going somewhere with this fast. I'm glad today is in the bag. I was worried earlier with the cravings, but I resisted and kept to the list. The day is longer without Mia. I like it.
Geesh this headache..
Well I'm off to bed, I can't keep this up anymore, it hurts to blink.
I need to get some rest, today is only Monday after all, more water and fatigue await me in the upcoming days.


Anonymous said...

i usually get headaches for about 5 days when i'm fasting, because of detoxing.
perhaps it's that, but if it hurts to blink maybe not..

C said...

Hi Lou it is my first time here and congrats for losing so much!! I'm on a day 2 fast and I'm glad I stumbled on your blog cause it kept me motivated to know I'm not at the first few days of fasting alone and usually day 2 can be pretty tough for me especially I haven't been fasting for a long while. Was wondering if you are on twitter? Keep going on hun, you're so strong. xoxo, C.

lou said...

@C Hi and welcome, thanks for reading.
I'm on twitter and yahoo. My email address is on my profile.
I'd love to hear from you, you can add me if you like on both.
Stay strong hun.

@Danae yea I figured the headache could be toxins,
I guess I'm one toxic girl by the intensity of them lol

*Broken* said...

I always get headaches when I´m fasting, so don´t worry and try to get some rest.
Giving the turkey to the cats under the table it´s a great idea.
Take care sweetie

Elara said...

When fasting I try to drink Pedialyte throughout the day to prevent headaches or blackouts. A liter is 100 calories (but only 6 per popsicle). Coconut water varies depending on brand but it's pretty good too, an alternative to saline drips and recommended for hangovers ;). Good luck with your fasting and cooking, nothing like seeing turkey gizzards to kill your appetite.