Thursday, November 11, 2010

Water Fast


Today I'm starting a water fast.
I am determined to not turn to Mia anymore. I'm sick to death of her.
So here we go. I hope I can do this. I have to find that control again.

                                           Preparation and Tips 
 Begin the fast when you have nothing major planned. The first few days can be very rough and you may have very little energy. Use distilled, spring or filtered water if possible. Drink water cold or ice cold if you can – it helps your body burn energy to warm back up and cold water tastes sweeter – you will be drinking lots of it! Get as much rest as possible in the first few days – energy levels will rise after about day five.

How long should you fast.
Longer fasts are better than shorter ones as once the body enters the fasting state it is a lot easier to stay there then to stop and start. It gives the body uninterrupted time to do its work. A 30 day juice fast is standard in most European Health Facilities but the good news is that 10 days on a Water Fast gives the same benefits and weight loss as a 30 day juice fast! You can alternate between juice an water on a fast if you need to but your body won’t enter ketosis and there will be more urge to eat.

Colon Cleansing
"…..the average person has between 2-6lb of unwanted matter stuck to the walls of there bowel which sits there putrefying, creating a source of toxicity, a breeding ground for pathogens and a welcome home for parasites…."

On a water fast after about the 5th day you will stop using your bowels or it will be just liquid. This is the best time to use a colon cleanser. You can get them from pharmacies or health food shops. The one I use is a powder form of magnesium oxide. When mixed with water an consumed it makes large amounts of oxygen. It then reacts to with hydrogen to form water inside the intestinal tract to soften and liquefy the hardened crap. It sounds very technical but trust me it works. Basically you feel like your shitting water but you feel so much lighter and healthier. Just make sure your near the bathroom if your going to try it! It is also a lot gentler then laxatives and works in a different way. It targets the matter that sits in your bowels blocking it. Everyone has this some worse than others. Other options are Colonic irrigation.

How to break a fast.
Breaking a fast can be difficult. You must resist the urge to binge and the types of food you can allow is restricted for the first few days. Eating will be a brand new experience so use this time to establish "safe" eating habits and portions. Your control over them will be so much more disciplined than before your fast. Eat small amounts of raw fruits and veges for the first five or six days as your digestive system wakes up. Gently increase amounts to your satisfaction. Do not gorge on meat, junk food or bread. This can cause stomach cramps, nausea and weakness, not to mention rapid weight GAIN. Eat slowly and chew food well. Make fresh juices and with negative calorie foods (of course!) The break-in period should be one day for every four you fasted.

Fasting Concerns and FAQ
Q.- Will I gain weight back after the fast?
A. - Your fast will instigate a change in diet. Returning to bad eating habits will cause weight to put back on. Stay on low cals and exercise and you will be fine just remember to monitor it well.
Q. - Can I workout while fasting?
A. - You will feel weak while on a Water fast and rest is advised. If you feel up to it sure just don’t over do it – you will lose weight even if you sleep all day! Light walking is always great. Get out in the sun and fresh air.
Q. - How much should I drink?
A. - 8 - 10 glasses per day or when thirsty.
Q. - Should I continue with medication?
A. - Fasting on medications is hard. It is a good idea to use juice if you must take them. I usually just have carrot and apple juice in the mornings when I take my supps and water for the rest of the day.
Q. - How much weight will I lose?
A. - Initially as high as three to four pounds per day, the average loss is one pound per day. If you are juice fasting and not losing weight cut down on the juices and drink more water. The slower your metabolism the slower your weight loss.
Q. - Will fasting effect my metabolism?
A. - Initially calorie reduction will lower BMR (base metabolic rate). Cleansing will bring health that will help you eat less and feel more energetic.
Q. - Will I get too thin?
A. - Never!! Well just be careful. You don’t want to waste away. You want people to be jealous of you and how you look cause that is the biggest compliment.

Side Effects
Furry tongue – this is just a sign the detoxification is working. Cleaning your teeth helps with this.
Spots – pimples – Toxins are being eliminated through the skin
Headache – Try not to take painkillers, drink extra water and rest. It will pass.
Tiredness – Just rest as much as you can. It is normal and your body will adapt and energy levels will go up and down. Don’t be alarmed.
Flu and Cold – not a sign that you have an infection merely another sign of detox.
Dizziness – Be careful. If you feel dizzy it is because the heart is resting as much as possible. Before you move take deep breaths. Sit down if you feel like blacking out, it will pass.
All side effects are normal and will pass as the toxins get eliminated. You may also feel sick especially if you are taking medication on an empty stomach – even vitamins and minerals will do this.

Day 1 to 3 of the fast will be the hardest, but the pain will be caused more by gastric irritation and not true hunger.
 After day 3 of fasting, hunger is reduced or disappears all together. The earliest benefit of a fast occurs on days
 3-5. Days 7-14 will be healing, days 14-21 will be like a euphoric dream and days 21-28 will be nothing short than a complete regeneration of the body.
Without food, the body will use an alternative energy source such as glycogen or stored fat. Once the glucose is reduced in the body the bodies metabolism changes and starts producing ketone bodies. Once a person eats even a single crumb, the bodies metabolism immediately converts back to how it was before and the hunger levels will rise. After the glucose and the stored fat is used up, usually occurring after 28 days, the body will start burning vital tissue or starving. Note that once starvation begins the fast must end.
Water fasting mainly benefits people with a A slow metabolism. Some people can't maintain a healthy weight for their body grows out of control like a cancer and fasting can help because the body will gather more energy to burn more fat. Fasting is also great for people who hate or can't exercise. In fact, one can think of fasting as being like exercise because like exercise it will take a degree of self sacrifice.
If a fast is performed 1 to 3 times annually for 14-28 days, the body will reach a state of health no amount of exercise could ever accomplish. A fast will be a long detoxification that demands mental preparation to carryout, especially if one is going to do a water fast. A juice fast is not as hard as a water fast but the benefits of a water fast is is well worth the pain.

Fasting Crib Notes:
- After day 5 the desire for food will dramatically drop
- After day 10 hunger levels for the most part will be non-existing and energy levels will rise
- Expect to lose at least a pound a day
- Drink 5-10 glasses of water a day
- Stay clear of exercise
- Get rid of headaches by drinking peppermint tea or by taking a potassium supplement



Anonymous said...

good luck! i'm fasting as well. on and off until the 30th of december. really tried of binging and purging as well.
let me know how you go :)

MissMisery said...

My water fast lasted 20 hours and when I broke it I binged (WEAK!) so I am starting it again, I'm just planning on 24 hours and then breaking it tomorrow lunch time with some soup or salad, I never binge when I am out the house so I know I will be ok until Monday. Good luck with your fast.

Dylphe said...

good luck!!!
i want to fast but i'm even having trouble eating "normal" at the moment.
stay strong

*Broken* said...

Good luck! I wasn´t fasting because I was afraid of binging, but yesterday I binged anyway so I´m thinking about fasting today and tomorrow.
I´ve found that water fasting and liquid fasting(tea, cofee, diet soda or 0 cal juice) is the same regarding as weight loss and I don´t have the urge to binge that way, you can try that if you want to
Take care

Kaylie said...

Hi, I'm kaylie, a new follower :)
The information you gave about fasts is so interesting! I want to try a water fast, probably over the holidays when I'm not in school or doing personal training- I have a slow metabolism so this sounds like it'll be really beneficial!
Good luck!
Kaylie <3

Dani said...

good uck hun just becareful the longest i fasted was 7 days and that was water 1 cappicano a day and then when i got so weak and nearly passed out a sip of soy milk
lost 10 lbs just becareful
i can fast nemore heart issues

Mich said...

Good luck with your fast!! I'm jealous--I can't do a straight up water fast. My blood pressure drops to dangerous levels... o.O


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