Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hi there, just a quick post on this lovely quiet Sunday.
Can't really blog today, My daughter has a bad cold. I've been playing nurse all day long in addition to cook. I want her all better so she doesn't miss out on school, she's rehearsing this week for a school play about the meaning of Christmas, and she's real excited as am I.
Made her a Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, maybe the broth will heal her. Works for me anyways.

Tomorrow is Monday and that means back to school and getting up early.
I'm at 112lbs today!
I have no idea how this happened?
I can't tell you if its the fact that I wake up at 5am everyday and workout, or the one banana that I eat every morning before that workout, is it the Green Tea Pills that I take 2x a day?
Maybe its the afternoon workout that I do, today was 700 calories burned in an hour..
Hmm, maybe its all the purging, and the fact that I'm not trying to fight Mia off lately. Maybe the new oblique exercises?
I can't tell you what it is that has suddenly boosted my metabolism, but whatever it is, I pray to weight loss Gods-please don't stop now.
There may be a goal reached by the end of the year after all..
So I'm thinking of buying Sea Kelp tablets, maybe that will continue this wave I'm on, it has a lot good beneficial things also that can help with hair and skin.
I'm looking into it this week, I'll let you know how it goes!
So my lovelies, while I'm on this losing streak so to speak, I'm posting pics.
I was going to do it at the 110 mark, but I've always been impatient, so here they are..
Let's compare shall we!

lou @ 120lbs
lou @ 112lbs

thighs @ 120lbs
thighs @ 112lbs
So there you have it..
This is me, and I hope to continue to lose all this week. I can't tell any difference, all I see is fat.
That's just my altered perception of course, the reality I'm sure is completely different.
Goodnight to all, I have a sick child to attend to.
Stay strong my lovelies and thank you for all the lovely and encouraging comments!


beskinny said...

you look amazing. i hope you can see that too- you ahve worked your ass off to get this far and you should be proud of what you have accomplished

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss! Totally inspiring. Thank you. :) I hope your baby gets better ASAP... Be strong!

*Broken* said...

There´s a huge difference, you look amazing sweetie!!
I hope your daughter feels better soon!
Take care

lou said...

thanks for the compliments!

Dylphe said...

you look amazing i'm so jealous you still have boobs, my boobs are the first thing to go everytime i enter a loosing streak.
you're so thinspirational