Sunday, October 3, 2010


11am could not come fast enough for me!
Today is the day I can return back home, fumigation done, tent off.
Weight 133lbs.
I'm glad to be home, finally Internet! Familiar smells and safe quarters. Dragging the luggage back inside, my kitties are meowing in recognition of home. I'm out of breath carrying the rest of the things back inside the warm little house. The hallway is vacant and littered with more corpses than I thought possible, there are more tenants already back and sweeping their own messes. I hope I won't have too many to clean up.
So now I'm back inside the familiar four walls I call home, sweeping up the dead roaches that are scattered all over the place. I thought there would be more casualties, hmm guess I got lucky. No sighting of any big ones, good.
 I'm weak from hanging out with Mia all weekend and hungover still. Leftover Chinese food has come home with me, there is nothing else in this house, the cupboards are bare, and the fridge doesn't even have water, may have to run to the store later. Have a lax in my bag for tonight, and ten dollars that can go towards a binge. Tomorrow is Grocery day so I guess I just have to hold off until then?
October already and I'm hoping to be out of the 130's this week, will it be possible? I want to just get there already, that number that will bring me  satisfaction. I hope it stops at that number and doesn't keep going, I don't know how much longer I can be a slave to this. I want to live again. Maybe next year will be a fresh start, this year has been too much.  A lot of valuable lessons learned.
So I've gotten settled in at home again, and feel much better after 3x b/p session, getting ready to take my lax and finish the night.