Monday, October 11, 2010


Weight 130!
Finally all of the ghost weight is gone. Thank God, did everything possible to get rid of the mysterious lbs that weighed me down last week thanks to that awful salt water flush. Now I can get back to work losing the real weight instead of back peddling.
This morning weighed and was at 131 sadly, last nights tea didn't kick in until this morning, and it wasn't what I expected. Took my supps and water pills and came back home after dropping my daughter off, defeated and disappointed frankly that I didn't make 130 by now, wanted to start this week differently. Decided to go to sleep, felt tired and didn't want to face another day of catching up. I figured that today I would fast and just take a lax later, see where it takes me, instead ended up b/p 1x. Got on the scale and to my surprise 130?
Took an OEP and got a great workout in, implementing new routines to boost metabolism. Got back on scale and still 130, it's not a fluke.
I hope to continue on and finally say farewell to the dreaded 130's and move right along into the 120's.
Toning exercises are tough let me tell you, my legs feel like rubber and my thighs are sore from squats, I love it of course, plan to keep doing it until I cry uncle!
Tomorrow is picture Day and wear Crazy Socks Day at my daughter's school..

She's gonna blow them away with this pair!
I'm pretty excited that Wednesday I will be shopping for new clothes finally, I am somewhere in between a size 5-7, can't wait to finally wear things that fit and don't hang off me anymore. I can see the fruits of my hard labor. I will also be shopping for Halloween costumes, maybe I'll dress up this year, I don't know yet, my daughter is excited and changes her mind every morning about what she wants to go as this year. Today was a dinosaur? We'll see, last year she was the most adorable ghost you ever saw.
 Still need to get my pumkin, going to try to find the biggest one possible. I love October. Not looking forward to November as much, and December forget it, I hate it! Get so depressed torwards the end of the year-geesh! The only things that can trump those awful holidays would be if I met my goal before then. That would be a nice present for me.
I had a tiny dizzy spell today, but i think it was the anxiety that wanted to come on, other than that haven't had a real bad dizzy spell in public yet. I pray that it lasts. I can't say for sure or not if tomorrow will be a fasting day, but i'm staying positive that it will at least start off that way. I want to say goodbye to Mia, although she has been both a great and evil friend, I couldn't be where I am now without her. Its bittersweet what I feel for her, but I can't continue day after day like this. I'd like to embrace Ana for good, and not just sometimes as it has happened in the past.
There has been no more talk of therapy at my house, and I won't bring it up again..I can handle a lot of things, and I think whatever is wrong with me will just have to be something else to carry. Endure..
It takes a lot for my cup to spill over, who knows when the shit will really hit the fan, one day when it does, look for me in the funny papers.
Overall a good day. I'm calm today and ready for the fun to start. C'mon 120's let get this train moving!