Friday, October 15, 2010


Weight 127.
This is my third day without b/p at all.
It wasn't my choice to fast, but a fast this has turned out to be. Well I woke up this rainy morning and got on my new scale and there it was 128. Nice.
Took supps and decided to drink mango juice, caloric intake for today 129 calories. I had a bad case of cotton mouth, last night's lax depleted me good. So today I've been slowly allowing myself water again. I just have to keep telling myself that it's okay, it won't make me gain. Easier said than done.
I look at my supps and I'm running low on magnesium. I start to wonder what else could I be taking to help replenish all of the electrolytes I lose whenever I purge..
So its a trip to the Vitamin Shoppe then to rack up on supplies to keep me going. Had a small dizzy spell in the store, I think it was the anxiety too, I always get antsy around strangers, but I pulled it together and it passed. When I got home it was time for a workout, and afterwards a weigh in. Ah, 127!
Not a fluke, on the treadmill I actually drank 32 ounces of water. That's a lot for me because I don't drink anything anymore!
Even now as I'm typing this, there is a water bottle sitting near me and I'm drinking it. I think its time to rehydrate as much as possible. Been hitting the lax almost every night now. Today I won't, giving my body a rest from that, maybe this weekend again, already have two nesting in the back of the fridge.

Haven't had any alcohol in about two weeks? or a cigarette for that matter. I had a craving for wine today, but I started to work it out in my head and I can only imagine the major hangover I would have tomorrow. My tolerance for alcohol is ridiculous with this ED, one beer or even one glass of wine would have me on my fat ass.
Well I slept till noon again, I think its the PMS or maybe Ana too, I just feel so sleepy and I don't sleep! I guess my body is making me, and I have to admit that its nice to just be still for a few hours. The extra sleep came in handy today, had more energy to move about today.
My Internet keeps going out along with my yahoo messenger grrr! I think I'll finish blogging tomorrow. As for today nothing in my stomach but little growls and gurgles.