Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well lookey here ☺


Just a quick post update for now on this lovely Wednesday.
I woke up this morning and no dizziness!
I feel really good today and that almost never happens. I'm keeping the hydration going this Am with a Protein shake loaded with cinnamon (55cals)
and just gobbled up my supps and an OEP.
Took my daughter to school and found a great parking spot, expected to feel the vertigo as per usual the minute I get out the car but no. I'm still good. I haven't felt this way in a long time my lovelies.
Thank you all for the comments and well wishes. I think maybe today will be an OK day. I have my fingers crossed that I can feel like everyone else today. Weight still 121 but considering things It could be worse, I would've gained a sleuth of lbs by now. Working out in a few to keep the momentum going and shopping for Halloween costumes and more pumpkins later. Hope you all have an equally great day. I will keep up the water today as I am slowly drilling it into my brain that's its perfectly alright. Going to overcome these phobias!
I'm also going to see about Thanksgiving, maybe I can talk myself into going and maybe restricting. Going to google google google today and see about what's safe to eat round the holiday dinner table then. Stay strong today everyone.