Sunday, October 3, 2010

Motel Day 2

Eleven am and the headache and cotton mouth are overwhelming.
I am hung over from last nights drinking binge.
My daughter is awake and hungry, the cats are also. This is day two of the Motel mandatory getaway.
Went to weigh and am now back down to 134lbs. Looks like my bout with Mia put everything back into perspective. I am exhausted and so dizzy, my face tingles and I can’t look down without feeling immense pressure in my forehead.
Husband is here, getting in late last night and only partaking in two drinks with the neighbors to the right.
He’s forced up and is dressing my daughter to go eat. He doesn’t bother to ask if even wanted anything.
I would’ve said no of course, he’s nothing if not predictable.
I take my supps and OEP, I stare at the gallon with the Master Cleanse.
My phobia of liquids is too much today, I don’t believe I’ll drink it today. Its not what I expected and frankly the Cleanse has to be done properly I suspect for ultimate loss.
Grade B Maple syrup is required in addition to a sea salt flush that is done daily, I haven’t been doing it justice, I’ve been cutting corners here and there. So I think maybe Monday I will try to start again with it.
I feel incredibly nauseous, its all the acid and the pills. I would love nothing more than to throw up right now, but it would be too much and I have absolutely nothing in my stomach.
Ten minutes later my daughter is back and moody, wanting to eat cereal and milk, instead being bought chocolate milk and pastries, she’s visibly upset.
Husband brought me Orange Juice, I wasn’t expecting anything to be honest.
So intake for today 120 calories.
My back is sore from too many crunches on the hard tiled motel floor, more of the same later.
Took a shower and still no relief, feel really tired and dizzy.
My body is craving the b/p..
I hate it, I feel awful without it. I have no energy to go anywhere or do anything. I miss home.
The hours go by and sleep is inevitable. My daughter is watching cartoons, the cold room makes me tired and I listen to my body for once and just stay put.
Chinese food for dinner and juice from the vending machine.
 Mia makes another appearance.
B/p session 3x. The last one was pure alcohol only, leftover beer from yesterday's get together are done, and bedtime at 5am.
Tomorrow at 11am is checkout, the fumigation is done and we can go back home. I couldn't be happier.
Dorthy was right-There's no place like home!