Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fool me once Salt...

Okay here we go.
Last night did salt water flush, was not impressed.
All that this horrid drink did was bloat me.
I have not lost a thing except my mind! Now I have to do this all over again today.
Its 5am and I go weigh. Nothing lost.
Here we go again. I am pissed.
I go ahead and start to make the cleanse, and in addition to that the tea for later and my flush.
So I take my supps and OEP, get the flush going too.
Down the hatch it goes, now I have to lay on the floor like a fish out of water.
One hour just like this. Well, I'm fucking waiting!
Look I can understand that the salt water is supposed to be better, no-"healthier" than a laxative, but you know what BOOOO! no its not.
Tonight I am taking a lax, this is ridiculous. I'm not doing the flush anymore after today. Sorry I'll stick with the tea and the cleanse.
I have to run more errands today and then I'm working out. This is getting ridiculous. No to salt water flush.
I should known better than to trust that. Who in their right mind would drink half of a fish bowl! I feel like all I did was marinade myself with that stupid salty flush. Grr..
So today going to drink my cleanse, tea, work out with OEP and then if I can manage to get some, water pills. Oh yea and lax of course.
The salt can stay in the cabinet with the rest of the condiments where it belongs!
I gave it two days and it did not make a believer out of me. Maybe will work for someone else, not this bitch.
Let's see how the rest of the day goes so far day two of Master Cleanse blows!