Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hello there my lovelies,
Just a quick post on this beautiful sunny Saturday.
I'm very happy to report that I'm finally back at 120 lbs today. The lax worked its magic last night and kept me up until 4am as predicted. I feel a little dizziness but nothing that I can't walk off.
I've been getting ready for Halloween tomorrow, I am very excited, it's my favorite Holiday ever. I'll be trick or treating with my daughter and husband. My beautiful niece has decided to tag along with her son too, so it should be a great night for once. Carving and painting pumpkins galore today. That's kept me so busy have not b/p today at all!
I am craving but so far have been able to fend Mia off, wish me luck that I can do it the rest of the day..

Also took 2 update pics to mark the 120 milestone.
I can't really see a difference at all? I don't know maybe its the mirror playing tricks on me again or my brain, either way do not see any change at all.
So you be the judge and please be honest I can take it.
I will post again tomorrow, even if its late, in case I miss you all,
Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!

Lou @ 131 lbs
Lou @ 120lbs
Thighs @ 131lbs

Thighs @ 120lbs


Mich said...

There's definitely a difference--you look great!

I LOVE that kitty pumpkin!


bonesarepure said...

yupm thers a difference
man i wanna carve a pumpkin

indozine said...

very good!
keep it up n_n!

gottabsomebody said...

u're getting there!!
n we can do dis~

danae said...

definitely a difference

AKA 'Krystal' said...

i c a diff lulu! i think u r looking great un and congrats on ur accomplishment!

*Broken* said...

There´s a big difference sweetie!
Love the pumkin